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International Newsweek: 1st-8th December

Bob Janova



It's been another slow week on the news front. The most important events have hardly been announced: first, the New Pacific Order became the first alliance ever to break 20 million strength, which was announced as a postscript to this announcement about a relatively minor alliance completing its reparation payments for the New Polar War; and second, our great friends at the Mostly Harmless alliance broke into seven figures for the first time, which has not been announced at all.

Elsewhere, it was apologies taking centre stage. First, Genesis was forced to apologise for the presence of King Penchuk in their government; Penchuk stepped down and is now king of only a single, unaligned nation. And shortly afterwards, in a piece of political irony worthy of a television drama, MCXA had to construct this apology to Bob (OOC: no, the other one <_<) of Greenland Republic after the discussion of the disbandment of the nation of Sayton got out of hand.

Genesis's apology was preceded by the loss of their treaties with the NADC and UBD, but no material damage was done.

It was a good week for the left, with the Communist Party of CN signing an optional defence pact with the Dark Fist, and the differences between the socialists of SE and LSF were put aside with this MDP. Earlier, the LSF and CPCN had come together in this MDP, resulting in a socialist pseudo-bloc not seen since the St Patrick's Day Massacre. With no natural opposing force, the fragmented left is finally learning to work together when it no longer needs to.

And finally, FAN reminded us that they still exist with the somewhat enigmatic Give a Gun programme. Commentators were unsure as to whether this was a planned Christmas assault, an increase in FAN-supported rogue activity, a warning of another Auric Armada situation or simply a PR stunt. Only time will tell.



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