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Damn gur, no one tell me war is over

Alex The Great


Hello my comrades. I heard the war was over tonight. I am a little late to the party, but it will all be okay. Alex knows now and Alex can act. Alex presents the winner with the medal, as soon as he figures out what happened. You must speak your mind clearly, people. Alex must know. Thank you for your time,



yo, when this war be over? I be like, maybe when the war is over to someone, they like you serious gur? war been over, son. I be like, da fuq you takling bout? you aint tell me?

Which Raises a good point.

Why did you not tell me, gur? I be like, yo this war better be over yo. Yo gotta tell me, baby gur.

Okay, im calm. But for realz, dawgs. Yall gotta shout louder. Now who won the war again and who was warring who? Yo i rooting for da team dat won. dats all, homies.


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