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Foreign Affairs Primer Part 2

The Zigur


Foreign Affairs is the best part of CN. Beginning as a diplomat, one can establish global networks from ones position representing the alliance. With time and skill, you can eventually help control the events and happenings of entire alliances.

Foreign Affairs staff

A good foreign affairs staff is both hierarchical and collaborative in nature. Although sensitive matters are generally handled by high government, the rest of the foreign affairs staff is equally important. An active and coordinated FA staff communicates the activity, pride, and literacy of an alliance.

Diplomats are a bit like spies. It is the diplomat's job to collect open source information from the alliances they visit, and develop relationships among members of the host alliance. Through these relationships the diplomat can gain more valuable information.

Thus, a good diplomat is able to report back well composed information and analysis on their host alliances. A very good diplomat will even be able to analyze less tangible information and attempt to derive the mood, ambition and motives of members within the host alliance. Thus, by presenting a well organized alliance dossier, higher government can act on the intelligence to maximum effect.

Foreign Affairs goals

An alliance always has two goals: to defend a strong position, and to attack the weaknesses in rivals. In other words, an alliance should first ensure its position is strong: that it is well protected by allies, that there are no internal compromises, that there are no reasons for casus belli against it. With this achieved, it can go on the offense, seeking to advance its political agenda and cripple a rival's one.

The the alliance foreign affairs staff must communicate to reach a higher collective understanding. Even the information itself can be used to assist allies or be traded for other information. Understanding the global political atmosphere is most important. By understanding global politics, we can always prepare ourselves for the coming storms of war.

Foreign Affairs leadership

Thus Foreign Affairs staff are the most important element of an alliance's government. Having the strongest military in the world is of no good if your position is such that it is rendered ineffective. Foreign Affairs staff provide the true leadership in an alliance where the traditional leadership is uninterested in global affairs, and it is these alliances that need foreign affairs leadership the most.

Treaties are one of the most important jobs of the FA leadership. The FA leaders must determine which treaties are beneficial to the alliance, and which ones are not. This analysis must first be rendered on existing treaties, and as relationships with host alliances develop, the analysis must be rendered to determine the value of a potential new treaty.


Recommended Comments

It may be old, but it works. The fact that many alliances don't use it anymore simply demonstrates how much the world has degenerated under the MK regime.

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