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Do you not like Me?

Alex The Great



so my therapist says i need to make amends to people i dont like or dont like me. That we need to talk it out or whatever. I figured good practice for real life is if i did it in CN first.

Anywho, Ive been kicked out, discarded, and denied by many alliances. Only way I get it anymore is if I convince someone to let me in. This is the last time I will treat and be treated bad.

My bad history:

1. Atlas. I screwed up there. I started playing around, being annoying. After about 10 strikes, they were on the verge of kicking me out. I got in an argument with half the people. I was tearing them apart. So I left before I got kicked.

2. I moved from alliance to alliance, just drifting.

3. I found a micro alliance called LAW that I got kicked from for being !@#$%*y on irc and insulting people.

4. I went to RIA. They actually got annoyed with me. This is RIA, okay? I left to create an alliance.

5. Promethia. For the first month, I was perfect. Everything was going well. Then some RL issues came up and I took it out on them. I got kicked after trying to blackmail someone and I banned people on irc, and a bunch of other stuff.

Basically everything after that was the same. I could go on and on. Anyway, Im on a mission.

If there is a reason you do not like me, please comment or message me on forums about it. I will respond to all people who comment.

I am ready.



Recommended Comments

You go out of your way to say stupid !@#$ to people who don't necessarily enjoy your company. I know you're young, but your immaturity shines through near constantly. You've got some room to improve.

e: If it makes you feel any better, people used to (and some still do!) feel just about the same about me, even if our actions are different.

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I don't know you well enough to dislike you, but as long as you know to avoid repeating your mistakes and have learned to try being a better person than you were when you messed up; you're on the right track. Karma will come back and bite you if you mistreat others, but it can reward you when you treat others with the respect and decency you would like people to show towards you. Everything you do has consequences as a result, whether good or bad, small or big. You can either build up bad consequences or good consequences overtime, until the consequences add up to be big enough you feel the effects in a significant way.

Start by building up good Karma in all your interactions and avoid actions which can cause bad Karma, then your circumstances and reputation will improve as the consequences of your actions build up favorably. If you were proud of that bad history, then there would be reason to dislike you. However seeing as you know where you went wrong and are committed to not repeating the mistakes of old, I'll let your future actions determine my opinion of you.

Good luck with your mission.

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Dear BMTH, I will stop that now. I guess I was just in a playful mood and wanted attention. Thank you for your concern.

Dear im317, I did apoligize to Ghost last night. Thank you for your concern.

Dear Methrage, Thank you for the advice. I will keep that in mind. I shall not repeat the same mistakes anymore.

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Being one of the people who dislikes you the most, I will actually admit you were doing really well in promeithia. Shame you screwed that one up.

You need to learn how to own up to your actions before you can ask anyone to forgive them imo. Anyone who knows you know this is far from your first nation. And they know that the others have all been #@$%-ups too. Now generally in CN you can re-roll and start over fresh without anyone really caring but when you do it multiple times and act the same damn way every time you can't expect people to treat you any different.

Go back to how you were in promeithia and people will leave you be. (that is the way you were before they kicked your ass to the curb).

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You need to learn when being annoying is actually detrimental to your own interests and not funny—if you're realize that and still continue, well, more power to you.

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I dont think we have interacted individually ever. So go in peace, you have not dicked me over, yet. If you are in earnest with this blog post, then i wish you good fortune and early recovery (you did mention therapy). If not, meh.

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