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The Truth About the Wonders (LISTEN UP ADMINS)

Alex The Great



New wonders were added a few weeks ago. It is only to keep old nations interested in the game. It helps them separate themselves from the small nations even more. Its complete garbage. This is an outrage, needing like 5k tech and another wonder to get the wonder. Think about it, With all the money they have to spend, they !@#$ through it and dont care. And maybe keeps them in longer. But why not focus on newer nations who need help. There shall be a wonder that helps them and that is destroyed as soon as they reach a certain infra. level. And it shall be cheap, and I preach that only nations under 500 days can get this single wonder so those evil people may NOT control us!!!!!!! I preach this because they do not have a voice, and I have a mouth to shoot off. I am fighting for a cause, and I will not lose. I plan to quit unless the admin hears me out. And with me quitting, is just another nation gone and a lot of people want my head, and stay in the game for that. And I plan to PREACH quitting to the whole community unless I am heard out. This means I want a game mod to think about it, and propose it, talk to me, or one of the specialists I will get you that can help you THINK up a good formula. Now this is a 9 year old game no one gives a damn about. I have a plan to make CN 50 times more interesting. Why dont you contact me if your interested. No one !@#$% about games you click and do an action that effects pixels and play fake politics. I can fix that. Because everyone here is a genius in there own way, but none think like me. I will change this game, and you better listen to me if you want 9 years more of this game. I am proud of you for getting the nation count to 10k and keeping TE over 500 nations. But I think there could be double the amount in each category.

AlexTheGreat of Damaged

NotStupid, haters gonna Hate.

Special Shoutout to my home dawgs Big to the Beep beep Beep Dial 1-800foot



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I appreciate your opinion Alex the Great, but I see the opposite. It takes new nations months to get the initial wonders. In those months it's easy to get to the point you can acquire the new wonders. I had personally run out of wonders to build so I see these as welcome additions. It'll be difficult if you're disconnected and not engaged in trading or procuring, but that's to be expected for any player regarding any wonders. Any active player putting forth effort shouldn't have much trouble with this.

Players can even get more wonder opportunities with donations. So there's ways of leaping to the head of the line and helping the game at a small cost. Basically, you're buying the time others have already invested in cash, that's pretty balanced.

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Y'all are simple minded creatures. You don't see what I'm offering. $%&@ u guys. Hey admins, I was going to help but these !@#$@#$ morons deny me. For that I spit in their !@#$@#$ faces.

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There is a good place for things like this Here. Though in that thread you will have to actually make a useful suggestion rather than just a rant.

As far a threatening to quit the game over it I don't think anyone let alone admin will respond in a positive way to that threat.

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I was waiting for some sort of conversation in the Wonders and Improvements thread when I replied to your suggestion, that place would have been the correct platform to air out your concerns/ideas/concepts. Perhaps continue debating there and give your ideas clearer thought without insults or negative vibes. I am actually in favor of a wonder range type thing for small nations you are proposing.

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New nations now get 2 million which would have being helpful when I started.

More things can be done but the game is already improving for new nations.

"Y'all are simple minded creatures. You don't see what I'm offering. $%&@ u guys. Hey admins, I was going to help but these !@#$@#$ morons deny me. For that I spit in their !@#$@#$ faces."

What exactly are you offering? I need details because all I saw were ramblings about how great you are.

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There are those of us that have made suggestions that effectively work towards drawing in and retaining new members to our community. If people want to see them implemented, they need to contribute to those suggestions, or come up with their own alternatives.

It's not that hard. You want to help new players? Then do something that helps new players. Older players put forth the effort to suggest and nurture ideas that benefit them.

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The older players don't want new players getting anything they never got. My last suggestion thread proved that.

Your last suggest thread proved that you're a selfish !@#$lord who doesn't think about the actual game
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