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From: Political Issues?

The Zigur


Walshington's post is a great analysis, but I'd like to contribute a very brief breakdown of the major ideologies and philosophies of CN in a more specific manner:

Neo-Imperialism: The modern ideology of Pacifica and her foederati allies, Neo-Imperialism is a desire for the power and conquest of Moo-era Pacifican imperialism. NPO is roughly parallel to Rome, and as their Francoist ideals of democratic autocracy were replaced with raw imperialism, control of their empire began to slip through their fingers. Emperor Cortath reformed the Order after the Karma war (it was during his reign I was a proud member), but his successors have slowly placed Pacifica in a reactionary position. Thus the NPO will continue to marginalize themselves until reform is again made.

Lulzism and friends vs infra: Together these confused philosophies comprised the previous hegemonic ideology. Championed by the Mushroom Kingdom and CnG, Lulzism lead to global instability. Although Mushroom Kingdom's reign was longer than Pacificas, it was never as complete. Unfortunately, some of the wars waged against NPO has helped shaped Pacifica into a destructive and reactionary imperialist power again despite the reforms of Cortath. With MK gone and CnG rendered irrelevant, this ideological grouping was crippled in the Mushqaeda war which lead directly into the Disorder War.

Rational State Actors: Alliances like TOP, Polar and Umbrella are beacons of hope in the dark age aftermath of the Karma War. By championing a rational approach to politics, these alliances helped crush neo-imperialism and render lulzism irrelevant. Under TOP's tutelage, alliances like GOONS are embracing reform. It is quite possible these alliances will lead the world into a new golden age of Order and Stability. Rational State Actors are predictable and careful in words and action, thus producing a stable environment for long term growth and improving the quality of the game. The Revolutionary Order Party advances this ideology on a global scale and are friends to all rational state actors.

Doomism: Aptly named doomists like DBDC are the result of flaws in the gaming system. They are roughly similar to the Agent Smiths of the Matrix trilogy, exploiting weaknesses in the system to wield political power. Until the flaws in the game system are fixed, Doomists will continue to champion the idea that the game is slowly dying and we are all approaching our doom.

Just reblogging this post for those who missed it in the thread. Please discuss.

Source: Political Issues?


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What are the "doomist" exploiting?

Upper tier game mechanics. Game mechanics is my weak spot, but I think there is no question that the game mechanics were designed without considering that nations the size of small alliances would eventually develop.

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