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Enjoying CN?

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Hi. I played from 08-10, then again starting last year til now. I'm still enjoying the game. I was surprised when I came back to see there were a couple of changes (changable resources was a big one), but the last year feels like a whirlwind of gameplay changes by comparison.

The political situation has changed just as fast. I joined a TOP stuck between NPO and IRON, wondering how to hold its allies on the same side for that coming war. Then we had some leaks, relocated from the North side of the treaty web and just really threw everyone for a loop with NpO-TOP ties. I left a bit after bi-polar, so it was a bit of a wtf moment for me.

So, Bob is in motion. The physics of the world, and the world's politics. I consider it interesting still. A lot of people bemoan Bob's demise. I think we've got some life left here.

o/ CN players of all persuasions!

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I wouldnt say that is the only reason BMTH, for me, the game began being dull while I was still in the cool kids circle at the top, thats when I stepped down, now I am only here because of a community of about 30 people that I still enjoy interacting with.

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I'm the circle of hell Rush gets stuck interacting with, though.

But yeah, if for whatever reason my computer stopped loading IRC, I'd probably wreck someone's !@#$-tier nations for a month and see myself out. Forums are cool and all but IRC is where the real chatter goes on.

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@Fox Fire, hate to say it but we're all still dying, regardless of how much life we have.

Anyway, this game is still fun for me even after all these years. It's sort of what I do on the internet instead of things like Facebook and tumblr.

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Been around the game about 5 years now and still enjoying the game. Nice to see a reverse in player count recently even if the gains are negligible.

200 people is a whole alliance :|

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