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CN Award

Neo Uruk



Yeah, I knew I was funnier than all of you. I blew away the competition for a reason.

Post below to worship me.



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Im pretty sure those awards were complete BS and I don't recall you ever saying anything amusing or even remotely "funny.." But Congrats...

I'm pretty sure your posts are complete BS and I do recall besting you both publicly and in private.

You're welcome for restoring your sense of shame.

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One may be funny in a positive or negative way. I am not sure that you can really brag about all the votes you got.

Hakai and Luckao are way funnier (in the positive way) than you. But congratulations nonetheless. :)

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I'm pretty sure your posts are complete BS and I do recall besting you both publicly and in private.You're welcome for restoring your sense of shame.

I've already stated I don't take this place seriously a number of times, and you besting me..... Doesn't ring any bells.... But I do remember somebody man handling your nation in-game for me once.

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We are talking micro nations when this happened. And the stats are quite clear. Rey clearly lost that one, losing more than double everything.

Also, there's a difference between man handling and kicking the !@#$ out of somebody.

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I was 5k NS or some !@#$ so 1k is really minor loss no matter how you look at it; that's 300 infra if I don't have tech

PS it's retarded to insinuate that that's a 1v1; I was at war with multiple people.

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You mean the other ONE that you also lost? Either way, it doesn't matter. My point is: You aren't as bad ass as youre implying here.

Yeah i lost two wars while I was involved in multiple wars, you sure caught me in the lie that I never told!
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jerdge just doesn't get it~

e: unless you mean "family friendly" by positive?

Positive = people like what you post and they find it genuinely funny.

Negative = people laugh at you.

You get both, where Hakai gets mostly only the positive kind. It's not about being family friendly, which Hakai isn't always either, but it's about having genuine sense of humour and common sense.

An example: you'll hardly ever see Hakai "seriously" arguing with people about war stats/performance, whereas you...

But my congratulations are genuine. I think that you improved a lot, and at times I even find your posts really funny (the positive way), which almost never happened, before.

This entire issue is 100% subjective, anyway, thus I don't claim I am in the "right". It's just how I see it.

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