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I guess since we have a blog feature now I might as well use it. A year or so ago I did more of a personal blog on Blogger but the thought of linking tens of thousands of CN players to it terrified me and so that didn't really work out. Maybe I'll use this as sort of a game developers blog instead. I think this will be fun.



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Getting to see into the mind of Admin....what a privilege!

In all honesty, I see some nice advantages to this. As Sithis pointed out instead of a thread in OWF during a press conference, sanctioned alliances could just post information and updates, things of that nature could be found.

But at the same time, announcements such as treaties would come here, rendering Alliance Politics useful only to non sanctioned alliances.

And I think that having the thoughts behind the updates here would be a great change. When a player has a suggestion that is backed by the entire community, but as Admin you decide not to add it, it could be explained here. Basic gameplay thought processes goin' on here.

Pretty cool.

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