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The Tywin Factor: Monday News Roundup

The Zigur



Tonight on the Factor! The NSO Coalition shatters! After months of tough talk GATO, ODN, TLR surrender! What this means for the future of NPO. Also, the Revolutionary Order Party -- and a rival -- announce their existence.

Thank you for joining us tonight on the Lannister Factor. Over the course of the last month, the Lannister Factor projected that the NSO coalition would shatter if Polar coalition showed unyielding resolve. As expected, the NSO coalition has finally cracked, so far seeing three core alliances surrender. Unconfirmed reports from within Pacifica indicate confusion at the apparent backtracking from Emperor Farrin's earlier bravado. The Factor will soon invite Emperor Farrin to an interview to better serve our audience. We will keep you informed on this.

This coalition political victory coincides with the formation of the

Revolutionary Order Party and the publication of its Cybernations Little Red Book, which the Party calls a "living document." With its core of Vladimirist-Francoist ideals, it seems to especially target alliances with a history of or a desire for the efficiencies and wonders of Stability with Order characteristics. In a future segment we will take you on a tour of the party and introduce you to some of the people who are working towards a better future. Interestingly, Yolo Swag created the "Entropic Reaction Party" which mock-imitates the ROP.

In other news,

Franz Ferdinand, whom we had interviewed previously, has formed a new alliance. The Lannister News Network wishes him the best and has learned that the Revolutionary Order Party will be happy to lend advice and assistance to Franz in his endeavor. We also want to wish the best for the GOP who celebrates their fifth year on CN! This fine neutral alliance militarily assisted in the Peacekeeping effort against lulz Mushqaeda terrorists. Fine forward thinking alliances like these help keep the peace for All Nations and should be commended.

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I dont know if I always agree 100% with everything you say, but it's good to see someone going the extra mile to make this place a little more interesting. I hope others learn from this example and maybe one day we can build a world that is attractive to a new player willing to explore.

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