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On "!@#$" posting

Unknown Smurf



So a lot of people who post regularly on the OWF don't understand why OWF posting is called !@#$ posting. They just assume that is what it is, and that there is better posting out there. Why wouldn't there be? We don't post particularly well right? What is this holy grail of good posting? Where does one acquire the skill to post well? Or at least be worthy enough to judge others on what !@#$ posting is?

I think it's !@#$ posting because people don't think about what they represent when they post. In that NPO thread today, UPN goes and posts about their "Sup NG" DoW and patted each other on the back and some of their coalition mates supported them

But one of the main points of this ongoing argument was whether or not Polardox's declaration was offensive or defensive and that it was to secure their future, not for some sort of grudge or another (the talking point was a grudge against NPO). Clearly UPN was saying that they were acting on their well-publicized grudge against NG, completely nullifying every argument their side had against it not being a grudge war/rep extortion against NPO.

But then again, no one cares enough about the argument to consider what this effect it has on the coalition and noone on the other side cares enough to make it have an effect so the OWF is a cesspool and will remain so.



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the OWF will remain a cess pool because the intelligent conversations are forced to remain in back channels, forcing the leaders to come here and defend their beliefs is how the game should be.

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The owf is only for !@#$ posts. I don't come on here to speak eloquently or pose rational debates. I come here to post the most retarded crap I can with the time I'm allowed by RL in an attempt to annoy the crap out of anyone that reads the post. I suspect I am apart of the majority on this as I read very little intelligent debate in the Open World RP section of this forum.

It has been quite a long time since I have see this forum as a place for rational debate.

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