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The Tywin Factor: Friday News Roundup

The Zigur






DBDC is maintaining a high profile, announcing the initial plans for a global Hungry Games in which the top 20 alliances will participate. The rules are not however set in stone, and the games will not take place until after the war.

However, DBDC has also engaged in an upper tier offensive against Valhalla. Valhalla Marshall Windbender noted that DBDC has not presented a reason for the attack, and that Valhalla authorized nuclear retaliation in self defense. The Marshall went on to note that DBDC is "really in it to cause damage this time" and considers DBDC to be an aggressor. One "raid" stated "give NPO better terms" as the casus belli. This is the second DBDC attack on Valhalla since the war began, but the prior raids never escalated to nuclear conflict.

On the Pacifican Front, further evidence of an empire in decline. Francoism, once considered the dominant ideology of CN, is now being dismissed by NPO's foederati allies and even by the newest generation of Pacifican membership. A sort of neo-imperialism has emerged, hungry for the power of the old hegemony but lacking its earlier philosophical nuances. This comes as a grave concern to those who suffered under the oppression of the Mad Emperor Moo-Cows who reigned in the last years of the Hegemony. The fear of such ambitious Pacifican sentiments is perhaps part of what continues to fuel the global war today.

While NSO and the other foederati allies have suffered severe reductions in military capabilities, NPO continues to reign at #4 while preserving its highly potent upper-tier "banking" reserves and offensive capabilities. Thus, while the war began with countering NSO's brand of neo-imperialism, NPO has in time revealed itself to still be the primary political player of the sphere, and still a dangerous force to be reckoned with almost three months later. It remains to be see whether "Farrin's Gamble" will pay off with a coalition white peace.

Is Mogar in trouble? NPL's leadership declared Mogar a rogue after he demanded R&R's surrender on the OWF. While RAGE represents a powerful low level wrecking ball, NPL govt noted that R&R is busy fighting a war and that Mogar's capabilities would diminish with a lack of foreign aid post-war. What all seem to agree on is that NPL wants their pound of flesh for their ally's defeat.

Finally, a final goodbye to Tito of Non Grata. Our prayers go out to his family and his alliance.



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In other news, another post occurred in which Tywin failed to avoid mentioning 'Francoism'.

Moving on, here's today's lunch menu:

Frashed Potatoes



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Those attacked by DBDC should hold their allies responsible. The Dark Templar, Non Grata and Doom Squad and other alliances/nations aiding them. With all the alliances DBDC have hit, rolling them in retaliation won't be hard and they'll back off when those alliances are crying to DBDC to stop because they're nothing but ruins and rubble. Oh except NG who already are.

But lets wait til they've rolled the neutrals first.

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