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Franz Ferdinand with the Scoop on Non Grata

The Zigur


Although I had only been back a short time, I conversed with everyone I saw and pretty soon had developed a network full of interesting people. Franz Ferdinand was one of those people. Franz was the interior minister of Non Grata and represented the younger generation. With Non Grata's connections to DBDC, it seemed to me that a new generation of leadership would eventually bring Non Grata away from Pacifican Neo-Imperialism and into the mainstream. Of course, things didn't pan out that way, so Franz Ferdinand joins us today to share his perspective of Non Grata's decline.

Thank you for joining us today Franz. Now, a while back as our viewers know, you were kicked out of Non Grata without any apparent reason other than perhaps opposing Steve Buscemi's political machinations. You were in charge of Internal Affairs, correct? Can you share your history in CN with our viewers along with your experience in government and leadership?

I've served at every government level. I founded the alliances Black Dragons, NES, Monolith and Team Rocket within CNSE, and Pond Pirates within TE. Indeed, one of my better memories is of Pond Pirate achieving sanctioned status and a brown co-prosperity sphere.

I was a founding signatory of the Red Dawn treaty bloc and supported the New Pacific Order after their defeat in the Karma War. These are a few of my achievements; however as I'm certain that you would like me to keep my answers short, I will cease on this vein otherwise Id be here forever.


Continuing with the initial question, you are correct that I was the Minister of Internal Affairs within Non Grata.

Non Grata has raised quite a few eyebrows in the last few months. From plotting to destroy Polar, to Steve's bloviating, it seems as if Non Grata's leadership is deeply entrenched in the Pacifican power structure. What was your relationship like with the three triumvirs? Which of the triumvirs do you think is the most reasonable in the face of the current global situation?

At the time of my appointment as Minister of Internal Affairs, the Triumvirate was made up of Caustic, Tito and Dane0.

Tito still reigns as one of the Triumvir's today right?

Correct Tywin. Eventually it got to a point where I felt that the Triumvirate were not doing their job correctly and were actively withholding information from members along with lower government. The last straw was when Caustic decided to issue a demand for DEFCON 1 which apparently had not been sanctioned by the other Triumvirates. This resulted in me challenging him and Tito in the government channel and threatening to invoke a vote of no confidence in them if they didn't get their act together. Of course Tito threatened to smear my name on the Non Grata forums if I did that (and I expect he has done so after expelling me).

Wow, so perhaps perceptions that Steve Buscemi was the sole bad guy here was incorrect. It sounds like Tito is quite ruthless with his membership.

In the end, concessions were made where they allowed for a somewhat more open approach to things; but it was a minor concession, because the power remained in their hands. Eventually Caustic and Dane0 had to step down and were replaced with Steve Buscemi and Erwin Schrodinger.

Comprising the current Triumvirate.

In terms of these guys, I would say that Tito is too concerned with holding onto a seat of power and is very negative to opinions given by members. Steve Buscemi is a fun guy to talk with HOWEVER he does have problems communicating effectively on the OWF which affects Non Grata's reputation outside the alliance. That could be rectified is they employed a Minister of Foreign Affairs for this purpose however with the way the alliance is run, I dont think well be seeing that anytime soon.

So Tito is the dictator, Steve Buscemi is the popinjay. Who is Schrodinger?

Erwin Schrodinger is a great diplomat and leader and if Non Grata decided to go for a one leader approach, he would be the perfect successor to the legacy of King Xander the Only. On a side note, http://jsbin.com/EqAVELE further expands on my views and were a point of contention between me and the Triumvirate.

Wow, well that's a lot of information even for me, but there's more. Rumors have surfaced that Non Grata utilized OOC hit squads to carefully monitor their rivals on the CN forums and report rules violations in an effort to intimidate and ban it's political enemies. As NG government, were you ever asked to conduct these efforts? What other unorthodox tactics does the Triumvirate use to eliminate both their internal and foreign enemies?

I won't discuss all the details, but I have filed reports for a Triumvir as I knew the ins and outs of the rules. Generally, however, my services were rendered to Non Grata to pull off acts within IRC which were outside the bounds of sovereignty as a continuation of Team Rocket, with the most notable act being breaking into the private channel of RIA and listen in on their actions. This was done more to show that I could rather than a proper action.

Recently I had compared the statistics of several Pacifican alliances and I noticed that between September and now, Non Grata has lost nearly 40 members, bottoming out at around 100 members today. One of these members was yourself. That's almost a third of their membership Franz, a third.

To be more accurate it was around 28.5% of the member base.

That's almost a third of the membership! Was the membership loss due to poor morale in the face of an un-winnable war, or more removals of internal political enemies of the triumvirate?

Well, I personally think alot of the losses are due to automatic nation deletions after 25 days. I know that post-war, there was a rumour circulating the alliance of a splinter alliance forming to go after Valhalla yet I am unsure if this is still going to happen as the most notable participant of that (Sunny Side King) is no longer around so this might possibly no longer be planned.

Woah, so a splinter alliance of ex Non Grata members could be hovering out there somewhere targeting Valhalla.

Well, I don't know how probable that situation is.

Non Grata recently published an OWF piece that apparently used espionage to condemn the opinions of an Umbrella alliance member. This seems to be a mendacious low-blow and an attempt to shatter the will of the coalition. Do you think this was another one of Steve's political manipulations, or simply a poorly thought out idea from the author?

I personally think that it was an interesting tactic employed by the triumvirate posting that information because it highlights that Umbrella had a security breach. The information highlighted an Umbrella member's private opinion, HOWEVER, the problem with it is that it was not attributed to a particular person and thus could have been faked or were from someone who was not a major player within the alliance.

Please opine.

My personal view on the whole incident is that this wont break the Coalition. At the moment Paradoxia have set up the war in such a way that they have Non Grata and their allies in perma-PM and I'm sure that Umbrellas allies wont care about the triumvirate's propaganda. In the end though, Non Grata could really do with someone to perform an assessment, because at the moment, anything they post just doesn't carry any weight.

I'd like to conclude on a note of hope. Non Grata currently doesn't face significant terms, and still has the opportunity to walk away from the Pacifican power structure and start fresh. But with an unelected and spurious Triumvirate, I suppose this may not be possible for some time. If you had the chance to lead Non Grata to a fresh start, what would you do as leader?

Well, if I was to lead Non Grata, I would consider reconciling with The Order of the Phoenix in order to prepare for a revenge hit on IRON for their betrayal.

Well, certainly an animated foreign policy ambition!

I would also consider looking for more unconventional allies. When I was in the government of Non Grata, work was undertaken to get close with The Imperial Order and The Terran Empire. Unfortunately neither venture bore fruit due to the disjointed way that the modern Triumvirate operates. The loss of Doomhouse crippled them as a genuine threat.

If I was unable to rehabilitate Non Grata, I would say that the only other thing might be to wind them up and allow for them to be remembered for their glory days rather than continue down the path of self-destruction which will ultimately engulf them. This is the second war in a row that they have fought on the losing side, and I have a feeling with the direction the alliance is currently going, this streak is only going to continue.

Thank you for joining us today for this segment Franz. Coming up next, why Peace Mode terms are not really that harsh. Up later, why Neo-Imperialism won't be gone for long.


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I think I was joking. The Lannister News Network is your source of fair and balanced news. NSO coalition is welcome to interviews as well.

You've been saying that but you never interviewed me like you said you wanted to.

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I dislike NG like every other man, but this says much about the quality of these "articles". If you had simply called them pieces of propaganda, they would have been fine.

Pravda always called them "articles" too- the name is ultimately irrelevant. I mean, were you actually coming in here (or to the OWF in general) looking for impartial opinions?

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Pravda always called them "articles" too- the name is ultimately irrelevant. I mean, were you actually coming in here (or to the OWF in general) looking for impartial opinions?

The OWF is the pinnacle of unbiased posting and reporting. Get your head out of your ass, Bob.

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The interview was undertaken between the 15th and the 20th January and were reflective of my views then. In light of recent events, I may have been too overly critical of Tito. Yes me and him had our differences, however I wouldn't wish what happened to him on anyone.

Tywin, may I please petition that you remove the link to this article from your signature, at least temporarily as a mark of respect for both his memory and for the alliance he represented.

Thank you.

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Pravda always called them "articles" too- the name is ultimately irrelevant. I mean, were you actually coming in here (or to the OWF in general) looking for impartial opinions?

The New York Times calls them "articles", too... and CNN or Fox News claim to be impartial and objective.

Truth is, every news agency is nothing more than a propaganda machine. The idea that there exists such a thing like "impartial opinions" is stupid. Every human being has an opinion influenced by his interests (or by what he believes are his interests).

So, calling Franz a propagandist is quite redundant. Every one of us, is.

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