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(IC) Global Analysis: Contemporary Political Schools of thought

The Zigur


Thank you for joining us today in a new segment called Global Analysis. GA segment will break down complex political debates analytically, allow you to make an informed decision as a loyal alliance member and citizen of the globe.

Many years ago, this world was discovered and invaded by colonists. The first to arrive in their ancient ships were the proud and free people of GATO. They established the ideals of open government, freedom of speech, and civil rights and staked their claim on this world. Soon after, the might of Pacifica arrived, bringing Order to Chaos with their mighty war machine. From these origins sprang the original political philosophies of CN, which would impact both war and peace.

With Francoism held high by Vladimir and the founders of the Order, NPO dominated CN for years with complete control of the hegemonic superstate founded in their image. They eventually broke GATO's will, and their ideology stood unchallenged until the foundation of Vox Populi. Vox proved that Pacifica under the reign of the Mad Emperor could be defeated with a coordinated network of revolutionaries and political enemies. Less than a year after Vox Populi formed, the Pacifican hegemony crumbled.

If GATO was Greece, and NPO was Rome, then Karma was the barbarians at the gate. An era of Global Feudalism followed with numerous wars between various coalitions and alliances, and world population fell radically.

Enter today's political atmosphere. Much has changed since civilized times, but several spheres have developed, most of them formed around an ideology. Today I will go into a brief analysis of each political ideology, and how each relates to the post-hegemonic world.


Mirroring the decline of Rome or even modern Russia, Pacifica's modern ideology is a descendant of what was in its prime called Francoism. Francoism was written by Vladimir and sought to establish both historical materialism as doctrine, and Pacifican history as proud. Over the years, Pacifica's retained her culture and pride, but generally abandoned political doctrine. This has resorted in a form of militant neo-imperialism which attempts to regain Empire openly for the sake of national pride and power, rather than on any materialist context.

Neo-Imperialism holds together Pacifica and her foederite allies such as NSO, Non Grata, GATO and TLR. NPO is considered undisputed political leader with Pacifica's Emperors time and time again declaring themselves leader.

Democratic Liberalism

Generally, democratic alliances have either been resoundingly successful or abject failures. With a limited, educated membership democracy can perform very effectively, and elected government tends to represent their members interests well, and often produce the best FA leaders. Platysphere is very democracy oriented, with TOP, MI6, Umbrella and a number of direct and indirect alliances utilizing democracy.

With a solid membership, democracies tend to produce stable FA plans and cool-headed thinking. Democracies require good membership, while autocracies need good leadership.

Aged democracies

Democracies like ODN, R&R and GATO (and many others) are often high in membership, indicating strong culture and an extensive history but sometimes also inefficiency and bureaucracy. Leadership is sometimes weaker as a result compared to more streamlined and active democracies, and often find themselves confused by the frequent wars that envelop them.

Polar Liberalism

If NPO is Rome, then NpO is Byzantine. Polaris has been much better positioned after Karma, and today has become a beacon of the CN Enlightenment. Many ancient philosophers (including from Vox Populi or Cult of Justicia) reside within Polaris, likely helping lead to Emperor Dajobo's benevolent style of leadership. This strength of philosophy has gathered unto it many lower and mid-tier allies, and Polar's star guide many in this age of conflict.

Modern Neutrality

Neutrality is not always so gentle. Neutrality has been attacked twice, once many years ago by the Mad Emperor Moo, and once more recently by Mushqaeda. Indeed, neutrality has revealed several shades, with some alliances like GOP reserving the right to engage offensively on behalf of neutrality. Still, even with Mushqaeda, the general sleepy quality of neutrality has not been shaken much with neutral nations continuing to grow while wars envelop the power spheres.

The Lulz

Most Lulz players are long gone, inevitably losing influence in the continuing struggle for survival that CN represents. While still culturally celebrated in many alliances, lulzy political moves are generally discouraged in the modern age as the global situation slowly stabilizes over a period of several years. Generally, even historically lulzy alliances comply with diplomatic norms today. Some believe Mushqaeda was the last gasp of lulziness in CN, and consider the phenomenon a coincidental 2000s fad.

Doom Politics, Isolationism and others

Doom Politics generally revolve around the alliance DBDC and represent an extremely powerful, high tier group of individuals who believe that friendships and relationships should guide foreign affairs. This point of view is celebrated by a number of alliances allied to or near DBDC on the treaty web. Isolationism is, of course, isolated in phenomenon but represents a number of alliances who are not neutral but also try to avoid entangling treaties. Isolationism varies greatly from alliance to alliance. OOC Ideologies like Communism still inspire a number of modern day alliances like INT and often still lead to bloody disagreements on the small to medium alliance scale.

This is, of course, not a rigid interpretation. It is merely an analysis, and like all analytic products it can be wrong. So share your opinion on how modern politics works!


Recommended Comments

We're fringe so alliances like Riot and Kashmir don't get a mention in this mainstream blog.

lol you are not far off. Enjoy your hipster status.

PS I also didnt list my political philosophy.

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I'll bite, although to be fair a lot of what you say I agree with

Democratic Liberalism, "Doom Politics"

At heart these amount to the same. i.e. Elitists, which function due to high levels of activity. What separates them from "aged democracies" is that they're smaller and therefore %-wise have more people that take an active interest in the running of the alliance.


Successful "Lulz" has never (imo) really been Lulz at all, but just another smokescreen for self-interest, in a similar manner to what you'd find in most alliances. At most, it's only ever been a way of exiting the game, dignity intact, when things are about to go wrong. (i.e. "it wasn't failure, it was deliberate. I was being lulzy, honest gov!")

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I enjoyed reading this, thanks Tywin.

I can't talk for others, but the GPA is more isolationist than sleepy. While certainly we have a significant share of members that just enjoy our peaceful nature and that seldom show up in our forums, we also have a relatively large and dedicated core of active members that create a lively community.

I don't think that the GPA is any more "sleepy" than the average other alliance of comparable size. We just don't like the spotlight, and we find the struggle for power unattractive.

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How to conveniently apply an analysis on the last 6 months of gameplay only...

NpO only recently re-emerged from a long period of isolation. Also, wasn't Dave War a mistake on TOP and Umbrella's part?

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Also, wasn't Dave War a mistake on TOP and Umbrella's part?

I never supported Dave War, but it was better [politically] than the alternative of basically fighting EQ six months early.
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