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Interview with Mogar: A Lanisport Journal Exclusive

The Zigur


It's a bit of an adjustment changing careers like this. One day, I was the Hand of the King, arguably the most important and most powerful man in Westeros, and the next I was fired. It came as a surprise losing my job in the middle of a war. Generally, cutbacks only happen in post-war periods. The Tower of the Hand sucked compared to Casterly Rock anyway.

Still, I was honored to meet Mogar in my brand new studio I had financed with my nation's remaining warchest. The news studio was arranged much like the one in ESPN's Sports Center, with up to-date monitors and equipment, and a highly trained television production staff. I would not tolerate a typical boring news channel. I had implemented all the lessons of journalism from Anchorman 2 I could absorb. The Lanisport News Network (LNN) would be the world's premier 24 hour news network.

The LNN is not yet available in most nations, but I am pleased to provide you, my loyal readers, with a transcript.

TYWIN: Thank you for taking the time for an interview with the Lanisport Journal, Mogar. I'm proud to say our very first interview was with someone as high-profile as yourself.

MOGAR: Thank you for having me, I definitely liked the idea when you mentioned it to me and I'm happy to help get this started

TYWIN: So what's your story? I've seen your nation, and you have a number of powerful wonders despite being at a smaller NS level. What happened?

MOGAR: This is my third nation, and since my return I never really had motivation to spend more time than absolutely necessary in peace. That coupled with losing the first two global wars I fought in on this nation ensured I would remain in the low to mid tier forever. Basically, I'd rather collect casualties than Infra.

TYWIN:: I think R&R can attest to your effectiveness at smashing their lower tier. You essentially seem to be a high profile member of the coalition filling a unique niche.

MOGAR: The Polar coalition has had a few fronts with the need of my unique abilities, should an alliance actually declare on me, I effectively remove 6 nations from the war thanks to my nukes at the cost of only my nation. My wonder advantage coupled with my ability to figure out when my opponents are usually active ensures even in what would normally be a losing war I come out on top.

TYWIN: So what's the seeming obsession with Ariana Grande? I think we've all cracked our share of jokes about it on IRC, but I'd like our audience to hear your take on it.

MOGAR: I've always used a theme for my sig/avi combos. Ariana made a great choice because I am easily provided with alot of content without having to do any work, and get new content weekly basically forever

At this point of the interview I decided to start breaking in some important questions. Pausing, I threw away my script to ask some real questions:

TYWIN: Alright, IC fun aside, I really wanted to get and in depth perspective on this war and the coalition. Some people believe you are simply bandwaggoning with the winning side. Is there any truth to this?

MOGAR: I would have fought alongside Polar whether they got rolled or were doing the rolling. I've been involved in the Polar Sphere through RIA for 2 years now and I generally stick with my friends; I have taken my beatings with a smile. Pacifica and the Sith wanted this war earlier, they just didnt have as many allies as they'd like on their side.

TYWIN: Why do you think NSO coalition is in the wrong here? Do you believe they represented a real threat to global stability in the months preceding this war?

MOGAR: I don't believe NSO is in the wrong per say, but they definitely should have made further political moves to attempt to prevent this type of backclash from occurring. You can't put forth the effort to plan to roll someone and not expect them to just wait for you to strike. This is not to mention if one were planning on rolling someone and then changed one's mind. one should probably do some FA work to make sure there's no bad blood.

TYWIN: What do you think will be the political fallout from this war after it is eventually over? Do you think with NPO utterly defeated, they will cease to be a threat, or will they attempt to rebuild their power and strike again?

MOGAR: IRON is going to be in an incredibly weak position for some time after this war is over. US is going to be in a weaker position due to them throwing their stats away for little reason, and I think they will lose some of their political capital because of it. Pacifica is always going to be a threat no matter their NS value though, they are one of the few alliances that genuinely plays the long game, and I wish more alliances had that level of drive and commitment.

TYWIN: Polar coalition has taken alot of criticism for the use of overwhelming firepower and number of optional aggression treaty activations. Does this represent a legitimate global concern, or is this just more whining from NSO and their allies?

MOGAR: It has always been a strategy to use whatever weapons at your disposal to force your enemies to surrender. The "optional aggression coalition" is just a propaganda line, using oAs to cover needed fronts has happened in every war ever pretty much.

TYWIN: In as much detail as you can provide, how do you see world affairs shaping through 2014? What relationships will maintain and develop between the various power spheres?

MOGAR: I think IRON will be politically isolated in the months after the war, they threw their lot in with TOP and because of that, they have to remain there for the long haul. Polar and Platyspheres should intertwine more than they currently are and realistically may become essentially the next hegemony.

TYWIN: It seems to be a popular hope that the alliance between Polarsphere and Platysphere will result in a new Hegemony after this war. How would Pacifica feel about this?

MOGAR: I am assuming Pacifica is already planning their revenge and may throw a wrench in my predictions, but I am thinking Polar/TOP will work towards keeping Pacifica isolated for at least another 6 months or so. We're in an interesting time period, I do not believe the next war will be as one sided as this one, due to no ones ability to deal with DBDC.

TYWIN: DBDC is a whole other animal, and perhaps we will be able to cover that subject in the future, but for now we need to break to commercials. Thank you for joining us Mogar.

MOGAR: My pleasure!

TYWIN: Up next our senior panel will discuss NPO's true motivations behind holding up peace, and later, how long term warfare can improve an alliance.


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