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Saving Cybernations




People always talk about CN's decline and the constant loss of players, yet no one does anything about it. Considering that ive also heard many CN vets say it was better in 06' or 07' or whatever. It could be like that again. And I propose that anyone whose got a CN account and a twitter should tweet #cybernations because if all 10k of us tweeted #cybernations and the average twitter user has 300 followers then that means that at least 3 Million people would see Cybernations . So go tweet #Cybernations return CN to the good years



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It was better in 07-08. Culture is crap today imo

Yes, the culture of Viceroys, harsh reps etc was better...

Wait.. No it wasn't. It was exactly that culture that drove people away.

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I'm pretty sure, not everyone has a twitter. I know I don't.

Good point, but else would you use.

And honestly I'm just giving a possible (albeit not very likely to work) solution to what some people see as a problem.

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It's actually a pretty good idea as far as recruitment is concerned. However, there are new nations joning every day. Retention is the problem. As to how to fix that, I haven't the slightest. :(

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the only person that can work to save cybernations is admin.. and admin alone..

It will take him to put the effort into doing it.. Does he want our help?? is he willing to take our advice and act on it??

Is he willing to work to save the game, and do what it takes??

raising bonus's to entice larger donations from smaller number of those that donate.. the thing is we should be trying to raise the base..

its been suggested time and again make a world 2 that is a facebook app.. there are 1 billion people on there.. make a android/iphone app.. that would raise the amount of possible users..

a web 2.0 look.. change up nukes, tanks, cm's and make them like planes.. it would change things..

It would be nice if he took the time to comment on what people suggest, or talk about.. that way we know if he's actually listening..

Honestly.. some form of feedback and letting us know that he's listening to what we are saying...

Just my thoughts...

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The game is 7 or 8 years old. How many console or PC games do you play that are that old? My guess is not many.

This is a silly browser game. It's kind of amazing it's lasted this long.

Just let it die. At this point, any change you make risks making the game worse.

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Some people need to learn to make the best of what you got, this game is still fun and those who see it as not relevant should go just plug into their games consoles and be done with it.

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I recently developed this theory that CN isn't retaining players because it isn't as entertaining as it used to. It isn't the game itself - it's not really shiny or amazing, but it wasn't in 2006 either - but it's the people. CN politics.

It's just too predictable to be exciting, I think.

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I'll take 1000 players who are OWF active, want to actually some risk and make the game interesting, and aren't griefers/12 year old trolls vs. 50,000 of what most of our community is like now.

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I am sure there is a app for that...... Oh wait these isn't....

This would become a decent android/IOS game if you made some changes and put it out there.

Seriously, if we just got with the times the game could keep up and possibly turn a good profit for the person running the game.

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