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Tournament Edition: Plans For Next Round, Anyone?




So, who has plans for next round? I'm creating an alliance called Della Luna, who didn't know about that earlier on. Is anyone going to try something interesting and exciting for this new round?



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My soldiers will be given training in Guerrilla Camps and Barracks so they don't die as much. After the training they received last round against the hostile forces of HowlinMad and KingWilliam, they will be the best soldiers on Planet Steve!

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I was mentioned. I must comment.

I hope you appreciate the value I add (also plans are in the works for my next-round shenanigans. If nothing else, I do, and will play an active game. Nothing ground breaking, I'm but a single person, but I'll be sure I have fun).

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I don't know if everyone finds this interesting and exciting, but War Doves will be back next round. :D

Uninteresting and not exciting. But I'm going to try something new this coming round. Breaking 10k NS. Let's see how it goes. :ehm:

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Sounds like a good plan, bomb and King William. Glad to hear that War Doves are coming back. Samwise, 10k NS sounds like a nice goal to shoot for. And, Alex the Great...?

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Keeping me from hitting 10k NS I'd gather :P (There's no hypen in War Doves, Alex! :lol: )

What color is Della Luna going to be on Candor? I hear the grass is greener on the green side. :awesome:

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