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Loki's Words of Wisdom #4

Malik Shabazz


Hey guys, I haven't done one of these in a while so I think that I should bring it back:

Ideas are more powerful than guns." -Josef Stalin

Ideas are like fires. What starts off as a little spark, can turn into a massive flame capable of destroying anything that stands against it. Once you feed that spark with fuel (people, resources, etc), that spark will become a flame and continue to grow and grow until nothing can stop it. The French poet Victor Hugo once said "No army on Earth can stop an idea who's time has come", there are few statements that are as true as that. Once you have an idea you think is good, build on it and improve it until it becomes a great idea. Who knows, maybe you can change the world.



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Obviously. Guns are not powerful. Guns don't make revolutions. People with guns do. And people with guns are controlled by ideas. It is hardly a controversial or complex statement.

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You shouldn't have.

You shouldn't have posted.

Obviously. Guns are not powerful. Guns don't make revolutions. People with guns do. And people with guns are controlled by ideas. It is hardly a controversial or complex statement.

Not necessarily. I could decide to pick up a gun and shoot up a school for no logical reason. A wise man once said that "a soldier without ideological training is a potential criminal." If you don't know what and who you're fighting for, you have no moral direction and are therefore capable of anything. So not everyone with a gun has an idea, at least not a good or logical one.

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The idea whose time has come, in this case is thus:

We shall strive to be flexible enough to evade being curbstomped, and at the same time striving to be the one that curbstomps. If in case we do get curbstomped, we shall proceed posthaste to attempt to score some sort of moral points, failing which we shall continue over the years to claim that it was infact a victory.

It does not matter who we are, and who they are.

I only wonder why we bother, it is not as if a curbstomp or a ZI costs us anything. This world long ago stopped placing any kind of importance on stats and stopped finding loss of stats distasteful. There is nothing invested in our nations, nothing which we would feel terrible about losing. Nothing that makes one lose even a minute of sleep. With nothing to care for, and nothing to defend, we just meander about like so many automata. Espousing formulaic platitudes regarding community, fighting for brothers or honor or lulz or pseudo irreverence or breaking the mold whatever. Wars happen because we are bored, someone has to win, someone has to lose. Else even war would be a boring affair. The momentary sense of euphoria for winning a war?

Is it the bragging rights that we find enticing? What glory is there for NPO today? What of the glorious BLEU or SF? Like the motes in our eyes, bragging rights and the epeen are ever fleeting.

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I think you have over-thought it Helbrecht. The glory of the the NPO is simply their history, it is something no other alliance can ever claim regardless of what happens next. BLEU was of its time and the same could be said for SF. The fact that you know who they are and why they are remembered at all is sufficient. Glory is not Rome's now, but it was once, it does not diminish their achievement.

In a realm that is only words, the words that people choose to remember must give them some value. When all is said and done people remember Ivan, Sponge, Moo et al, they will not remember a single ''non-player'' except in passing.

When the world ends, no one will remember anything about anything and if they do it will not matter.

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