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I Am Better Than All Of You




My opinion is greater than anyone elses. You should be honored to read my opinion of your alliance. Despite claiming that this game has become terrible, it appears some of you have the gaul to have fun with it. Only some of you are worthy of my time, so if you aren't included here I actually only have time to mention your non-mention.

Below, I will speak fondly of my friends and badly of my enemies. I will profess hypocrisy and praise those whom have fought on my side of given cyclical political conflict and denigrate those who have found themselves on the otherside. I will say disparaging things that more aptly apply to myself and my own alliance rather than those I speak about. Do not take this lightly, all of this brilliant knowledge comes from my elementary knowledge gained through my interaction with 2-3 people at 3-4 am on Skype after a rousing game of WoW for the previous 8 hours...after I wash my cheeto dusted hands off with mountain dew.

I'm going to give sound advice on how I perceive alliances based on chance interactions with one or two members from five-six years ago. But wo-there, I will combine this expert advice with my lemming like theories based upon other people's politically motivated charges against your own alliance from yesteryear.

For those alliances who I'm clearly half-assing my expert advice, you will see vague wishy-washy statements like "seem," and "appear." In fact, you will find that nearly 80% of the alliances I speak about contain some sort of language that would seem to indicate I'm talking from my posterior.

I will then write around 5-6 thousand words about Cybernations alliances, and then have the audacity to state I don't have time to describe any more alliances with my infinite wisdom.



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Nah, I've seen butts hurt before.. usually when I'm kicking them.. this is just satire. Pretty funny mockery of Rush. I've found both material enjoyable. You guys should keep fighting... we can turn you into a weekend CN soap opera.

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Satire should be short, but it's a worthy try, Myth.

(Rush's judgments are also a worthy attempt: some of their defects are basically inevitable, and few that criticize them would be able to do better, IMHO.)

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