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Cool FanFic I've been trying to come up with

Malik Shabazz


I'm trying to start an ongoing series. The story takes place in a fictional city called Silver City It's about three teenagers who gain superpowers as a result of a nuclear explosion. In this same explosion, their parents are killed and the entire city is thrown into anarchy as others who gained powers from this explosion used their powers for evil. So these three teenagers decide that they're going to use their powers for good, and to this end they call themselves the Radicals. Here are the three main characters:

  • Paige "Sparky" O'Neal: The leader. She has the power to manipulate electricity and magnetism with her body. She is beautiful, charismatic, and optimistic; all of these qualities make her an effective leader. She loves freedom and having fun, and she hates being tied down; she usually avoids getting into relationships because of this. Prior to getting her powers, she was a popular cheerleader. Even without her powers, she stood up for others; thus setting the stage for her becoming a hero. She and the rest of the Radicals gained their powers after they were caught in an explosion at the Element Red plant that their father, Arthur, ran. Her father was also killed in this explosion.

  • Blaine "Warbandit" O'Neal:Sparky’s younger brother. He has the power to use 99.9% of his brain at any given time. As a result he has a genius level intellect, and his memory and focus have been significantly enhanced. In addition, he has the ability to learn and completely understand anything by simply observing it. For example, he was able to teach himself Taekwondo by simply reading books and watching internet videos. Although he has always been very intelligent, he suffered from a learning disability which hampered his academic performance. With his newfound powers, he excelled in school and became on top of his class. He creates the equipment the Radicals use to fight crime, and uses his own weapons and gadgets such as: His signature Bo fighting staff, a Taser wire used for stunning opponents, sticky bombs, and ADA (Applicative Defense Assistant); an artificial intelligence that controls Tower R and assists the team in their adventures. He has a sarcastic and witty sense of humor, throwing insults at friend and foe alike.

  • Cortez "Rock" Campbell: A longtime friend of Paige and Blaine and star runningback on the high school football team. His powers are superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. When angry or his life is in danger, he goes into a state called “Rock Rage”; in which his speed, strength, and durability increase exponentially and he gains unstoppable momentum. He is also highly skilled at fighting and is one of the toughest kids in school. He loves sports and partying, and he secretly has a crush on Paige but does not know how to tell her. He grew up in a poor neighborhood, but moved once his father started working for Arthur O’Neill.

Then here are some supporting characters:

  • Arthur O'Neal:Paige and Blaine’s father. A wealthy scientist who owns a research firm called the O’Neal Group. Arthur discovered Element Red on the moon and found out that it can be used for energy purposes. He built a new energy plant in the Science Hills district of Silver City. He was killed when the plant mysteriously exploded. The Radicals use the O’Neal family fortune to fight crime.

  • Miguel "Thunder" Hernandez: An on and off member of the Radicals and the twin brother of Lightning. He was initially a member of the Kliq along with his brother and Razor, but after growing tired of a life of crime he joins the Radicals. Although the Radicals initially mistrusted him, after proving himself, they eventually warm up to him and he becomes a full member. He has the ability to generate concussive sound waves by clapping his hands against any surface. He becomes close friends with the Radicals, Rock in particular. He is a loner who dislikes taking orders.


  • Byron "Blue Baron" Montgomery: A former colleague of Arthur O’Neal. He, like Arthur O’Neal, was once one of the most brilliant and world-renowned scientists; nicknamed the Baron of Genetics. When the Radicals gain fame around Silver City, he becomes fascinated with their powers. He creates a serum that can give people superpowers after a series of tests, he tests the serum on himself; giving him enhanced strength and agility. Seeking to improve the serum, he begins hiring thugs to kidnap people so he can test it on them. Seeing this as unethical, the Radicals are forced to shut him down. They confront him in his laboratory and after a short fight, Montgomery falls in to a vat filled with a blue substance. As a result, his skin turns blue and he goes insane. He then creates a super-powered mafia called the Kliq. Along with the Kliq, the Blue Baron begins terrorizing Silver City. He is the Radicals’ initial archenemy.

  • Diego "Razor" Garcia: Cortez’s rival and fellow football teammate. He is an arrogant, narcissistic, and egotistical bully who is obsessed with his appearance and making himself look good. After he loses a fight to Rock, he agrees to have some of the Blue Baron’s serum. After taking the serum, he becomes as strong as Rock and joins the Kliq. He and Rock grew up in the same neighborhood, and they have a strong dislike for each other. In addition, he has a crush on Sparky.

  • Renaldo "Lightning" Hernandez: Razor’s best friend and sidekick, and Thunder's brother. He usually follows Razor around and does whatever he does. He also agrees to take some of the Baron’s serum, which gives him superhuman speed. He is best described as reckless and hot-headed. He and Razor were written out after Season 2, but reappear as drug addicts. Andrew White promises to get them off of their addictions, if they help him destroy the Radicals. He gets cleaned up and approaches his brother, asking for forgiveness for his past actions, and asks if he can join the Radicals. He accepts his apologies, but the Radicals are skeptical. After awhile they warm up to him. Little do they know that the Rocket was using him as a mole, in order to exacerbate the discontent within the team and take advantage of the teams vulnerabilities. He did this by pitting each of them against each other. He planted a bomb in Tower R while the Radicals were off fighting Doctor Sunshine, which destroyed the building, even leaving a note saying that he did it. This drives the Radicals over the edge, with Sparky blaming Thunder for trusting his brother; while Rock and Warbandit say that it wasn't his fault. After this the Radicals break up and go their separate ways, meaning the Rocket had finally gotten rid of his archenemies.


Recommended Comments

This is a very good outline of what looks like an excellent sci-fi novel. Do you write?

Thank you :)

I don't write as much as I did a few months ago, but I'm trying to start writing again.

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