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The Unexpected Benefits of Taking a Breather

Phil Coulson


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At the beginning of October, I came back from what had been a year break from playing Cyber Nations. Sure, I read the big boards a couple times a week to see who was attacking who for what and kept in touch with some friends from my time playing via their alliance's offsite forum and Facebook, but for the most part, I didn't think about CN politics for more than a year.

There were a few people who I had liked in my time here who I didn't have a way to contact IC without revealing my OOC identity and who I missed having the chance to talk to so I was debating creating a nation to give myself a way to talk to them again. I finally gave in and created a nation when the remnants of MK (an alliance I didn't like) attacked TDO (an alliance I did like). Since I was out for so long, I created a new name so I wouldn't be bound by what my previous ID had done (I was kind of a tool which was intentional as I tried to RP a John Kerry type). Now that the TDO war is done, it's time to find an alliance and as I'm starting my search, I'm finding one other benefit of being out for so long.

I don't remember anything.

Sure, I vaguely remember which alliances and people I like and don't like but I don't remember why. I'm pretty sure I don't like Polar and I can remember bits and pieces as to why but the context and emotion are gone. I used to work in FA and there was a time that I could diagram the treaty web from scratch. I knew who would attack who and why and how it would affect my alliance given any scenario. I also knew the past history going back to the beginning.

That's all gone now.

There's no way I could do FA now. I'm sure if I wanted to I could study the Wiki and get back up to speed but I just don't want to. CN wasn't fun for me anymore when I quit and I've had more fun picking off tiny nations as a TDO ghost than I did in years as alliance government. In a way, I'm kind of glad I picked a new name because I'm just not the same person or player I was a year ago.

So you all can have your longstanding grudges and your backroom dealings. For now, I'm happy getitng nuked for alliances I admire.


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It's just a game, and not even a really compelling one like a sport. If the annoyances you face stop making the fun you get from it worthwhile, go painstakingly inactive for a while. Then when you come back, you're refreshed and your warchest is better!

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