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All signs point to...

Rush Sykes


This will almost assuredly be my last dance on Planet Bob. Make it memorable (or forgettable, I cannot decide which would be better.)


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Thank the mother truckin lord!

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be gone too. In fairness, I've gotten at least 3 inactivity reminders in a row. One of these days.....it will be all over AND I AINT LOOKING BACK. HELL NAW I AINT LOOKIN BACK. You shouldnt either, rushie.

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Nothing to do then but leave it all out on field I guess. With the population dwindling I'd suggest everyone do the same even if they plan on hanging around until the lights go out.

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I know how tough it is to stay active. I debate whether to collect every 20 days. And I almost hate myself for not deleting and wasting my time with this war when I could be doing other stuff.

But you are one of those constants I enjoy seeing whenever I come on and do hope you stick around. Even if I don't. :)

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