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An Idea I Just Came Up With

Malik Shabazz


I've been thinking about doing a series of YouTube videos in which I explore famous comic book villains, how they see the world, and their struggles against the heroes. I've always seen villains as misunderstood. Don't get me wrong the things they do are vile and despicable, but if you can see the world from their eyes you'd understand why they do these things.

How to execute it is another thing: I'm thinking about either impersonating the villains myself, or just simply telling their side of the story from a third-person perspective. However, I feel as though it would sound cheesy if I impersonate them.

Anyway do you think this is a good idea? If so how should I execute it, please be open and honest.


Recommended Comments

Costumes or action figures?

Naw, just pictures and all that.

How would you analyze them?

I'm going to explain the world from their point of view, but here's the thing: I'm going to narrate it like I sympathize with them. Like they're the good guys and there heroes are the bad guys.

Hmm. Interesting...

Impersonation would be best, but only if you make it humorous. Otherwise, go with 3rd person.

I ruled impersonations out, I would sound stupid lol.

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