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Death Before Dishonor




Hey, for any newbies that are rolling through here or veterans that need an alliance, DB4D is always accepting membership. As long as you sign up on the forums and aren't playing ghost, you can join. DB4D is a tight-knit, yellow sphere alliance. We are military-based, so we are always checking up on each other. So, if you want to join, I highly recommend our alliance.



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What are you talking about? It simply is alliance pride, and I didn't criticize NPL. I don't really have anything against you, anyway. I stated that DB4D always is accepting members, especially now. We love newbies that are here for the long haul. (I was one of them when I joined. :) )

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Heh, I'd advise you to read those war guides a buddy of mine sent during EQ... 45:5 or 47:3 is a lot better than what you guys were doing back then (5:45)... But you guys might have changed, because I sure as hell have...

Nice to see a mention of you guys again, haven't seen you in forever!

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