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The Paperclip




Today was a bit of a points shakeup, my friends! (Still waiting on "the big one", for the record.) Jeff Gordon won his first short track race since the 10/05 Martinsville race. That took him from 5th to 3rd in points. Kenseth and Johnson are still in a dead heat (no surprise), and Kevin Harvick is still at fourth. While Gordon gained two positions, the opposite happened for Kyle Busch, who traded spots with Jeff Gordon. Here are the standings as we leave Martinsville, Chase Race #7.

1. Matt Kenseth (2294) LEADER +1

2. Jimmie Johnson (2294) TIED -1

3. Jeff Gordon (2267) +2

4. Kevin Harvick (2266)

5. Kyle Busch (2258) -2

6. Clint Bowyer (2239) +2

7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (2238) -1

8. Greg Biffle (2236) -1

9. Kurt Busch (2219)

10. Carl Edwards (2218)

11. Joey Logano (2209) +1

12. Ryan Newman (2188) -1

13. Kasey Kahne (2170)

So, I have some things to say about this race. Now, I have a bias in these next parts. I'll state the facts first, and then I'll spin them. :D

First of all, this win helps JG's chances of the Sprint Cup title immensely. Jimmie gave up his non-existent point cushion today. This was NOT Kyle Busch's best day. Bowyer gained some ground, as did Logano. Jr, Biffle, and Newman gave up some ground today, as well. Now I'll give you my opinions.

Kudos to you, Jeff! That was a nice run, and a well-deserved one after some of the things that have happened. Johnson, Kenseth, you both have to work if you want this. Kyle, you need to learn how to lose like a big boy. I mean, seriously. Bowyer, you are going to have to do some miraculous things to win back your fan base after the MWR incident after Richmond. So not cool. Biffle, whine all you want about Jimmie Johnson, it's not going to change the fact that you are too far back in the standings to be a chase factor anymore. Kasey Kahne, aye. Please work harder to get a top 10 finish. Two weeks in a row you've been lapped infinitely. You made it this far, it seems like a shame. But, someone needs to come in 13th.

Here are my opinions on who to look out for going forward. Kenseth and Johnson are in a dead heat. Anything can happen at this rate. I really think the race is limited to Kenseth, Johnson, and MAYBE Jeff Gordon. Here is why: statiscally (and yes, if you watch ESPN and trust them, than you can trust me here) no one has won a Sprint Cup without being -24 or less behind. JG is -27. So, adios Kyle Busch!* Anyway, I'll see you all next week at Texas!!!

*Sorry if I offended any fans of his with that comment. He is one of those drivers that you either love or hate. I happen to be part of the latter group.



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