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Attn: Unknown Smurf




You, sir. Are an Idiot.

Going by what is being whispered around regarding your shoddy housekeeping and even worse your laziness or outright malefic intent.





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I have to agree with potato here.

Housekeeping is used to mean keeping up with routine yet essential tasks. Such as cleaning your dishes, locking your door on the way out, making sure you change the lock if your ex has a key and you cant get it back. Things like that.

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Housekeeping is used to mean keeping up with routine yet essential tasks. Such as cleaning your dishes, locking your door on the way out, making sure you change the lock if your ex has a key and you cant get it back. Things like that.

..I understand that but how does that relate to CN/what I've done?

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All I see is US working with you guys to get the situation fixed and your guy reporting everything to admin even though US contacted them himself. If this is that big of a problem for NSO just use it as a cb and call it a day.

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All I see is US working with you guys to get the situation fixed and your guy reporting everything to admin even though US contacted them himself. If this is that big of a problem for NSO just use it as a cb and call it a day.

As already pointed out by Neo Uruk, i am not in the NSO. I am in an alliance that does not necessarily get along with the NSO. Think of me more as a unaffiliated commentator on the vagaries of fate and occurrences that plague this verse of ours. If anything, i am expressing concern regarding the future of US. One could even say that this naught but an attempt to counsel the gentleman in question. A bit of tough love, so to speak.

To be perfectly honest, i am at a loss to comprehend the comments made by you regarding the conversation of an NSO member with his diety. I was brought up to believe that conversations of this sort were not for public debate and analyses. A devotees words are for his deity and for no-one else.

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What percentage of CN is this new NSO not getting along with I wonder.

lmao shut the $%&@ up

you're obsessed because Ray said you're not all-important to NSO and Hereno gave you word before talking to his higher ups.

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Here's full logs:

<UnknownSmurf> Hi
<UnknownSmurf> Are you there?
<Hereno> yeah what's up
<UnknownSmurf> one of my idiot guys spied one of your idiot guys ><
<UnknownSmurf> And got caught
Hereno is Hereno@New.Sith.Order * Hereno
Hereno is a registered nick
Hereno on @#blackguards %#cnkashmir ~#cult #cybernations @#europauniversalis @#herdsheep lsf #nsa @#nso pollard +#ppo %#ria %#shangri-la stoners @#terrancommune %#the_international
Hereno using frozen.coldfront.net Welcome to Coldfront!
Hereno is using a Secure Connection
Hereno is a member of the New Sith Order.
Hereno End of /WHOIS list.
<Hereno> >one of
<Hereno> >it was you
<UnknownSmurf> ...?
<UnknownSmurf> no
<UnknownSmurf> Oh wait
<UnknownSmurf> I mean again recently :P
<Hereno> both you and joland spied on NSO nations
<UnknownSmurf> 0/22/2013 5:39:39 PM
<UnknownSmurf> Team: Blue
<UnknownSmurf> Rulers of the World
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: joland
<UnknownSmurf> Kaskus
<UnknownSmurf> Team: White
<UnknownSmurf> porojussila
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: porojussi
<UnknownSmurf> New Sith Order
<UnknownSmurf> Gather Intelligence
<UnknownSmurf> Success But Caught
<Hereno> what the &#036;%&amp;@'s that about?
<UnknownSmurf> ......
<UnknownSmurf> dafuq
<UnknownSmurf> I didn't do that
<UnknownSmurf> on my nation
<UnknownSmurf> Joland did
<Hereno> are you like mentally ill
<UnknownSmurf> No; sigh. He has my pw
<UnknownSmurf> because he nation sat me
<UnknownSmurf> ><
<UnknownSmurf> Anyways
<UnknownSmurf> I wanted to discuss reps or something
<Hereno> oh lmao
<Hereno> dude im recruitment and academy i can't talk reps
<UnknownSmurf> Well who should I contact?
<Hereno> i mean i can pass things on when somebody gets online
<Hereno> adolph mussolini, spartacus, or rayvon
<Hereno> it will probably end up being rayvon
<Hereno> the other two don't irc as much
<UnknownSmurf> Alright, well can you have him query me when he gets on/post this to your forums?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> hey
<UnknownSmurf> How's it going?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> fine i guess.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> i've heard of an incident that happened.
<UnknownSmurf> Yeah; completely our fault. We take responsibility for it, as there was no damages, how would you like to procede?
<UnknownSmurf> Reps?
<UnknownSmurf> I know this is going to be hard to believe, but even though my nation was involved, it wasn't me. I do not know who did it at this time, but a few people have access to my password from me being nation sat and from me being stupid enough to not change it
<UnknownSmurf> but I guess that is no concern to you, but I thought I might as well put it out there.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> you should change your password frequently.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> and yes that was the report that reached me.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> my colleagues totally mistrust you, that's for sure. But yeah, i can give you a benefit of a doubt.
<UnknownSmurf> I appreciate that. And I do understand their concern, given our.. history.
<UnknownSmurf> That said, I would like to make this as easy as possible.
<UnknownSmurf> And I hope you do as well.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> can i look at your nation for a moment please?
<UnknownSmurf> brb 2 mins
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay well, the spying part is to us an act of war, you must understand that.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> but since you said is unintentional on your part, we will demand from you for either 12mil or 400 tech as reps.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> so...
<UnknownSmurf> Hey sorry something came up RL
<UnknownSmurf> I think that is fair; I just gotta run it by the prez/govt and it should be fine
<UnknownSmurf> You still there?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> yeah still here.
<UnknownSmurf> Awesome, I'm gonna run it by them and get back to you asap
<Adolph_M[NSO]> you're not going to send it to porojusilla but to someone else which I will direct you to later on.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay then.
<UnknownSmurf> Alright, sounds good. Accoridng to hereno, you don't get on iRC much. Is that correct? Can I just shoot you a message in-game in order to set up the aid targets?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> yes that'll be fine with me.
<UnknownSmurf> Sweet; also unrelated but I'm lookin into buyin this shroom grow kit
<UnknownSmurf> you know anything about that?
<UnknownSmurf> Just looking for advice on which one to get.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> lol no idea about it.
<UnknownSmurf> Eh worth a shot :P
<Adolph_M[NSO]> anyway, back to topic. Let this be a reminder that this is somewhat a warning. Another wayward spying from you or any Kaskus member, unintentional or otherwise, will result into something more drastic.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> i hope you understand that.
<UnknownSmurf> Yeah of course, and I assure you we will handle the member who spied.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay that's good enough for me. I'll let you know your aid target within the day.
<UnknownSmurf> Sounds good; and I know this is just a formality but I just want to make sure we're on the same page considering what happened last time. I am just MoFA, and while this should not be an issue, I need to get approval from 100% of govt. I don't think it'll be an issue, but yeah.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> I do hope for everyone's sake that they approve this. :)
<UnknownSmurf> I intend to !
<UnknownSmurf> Also Basket was spied on by my nation (again not by me)
<UnknownSmurf> It was done at the same time oakshott was
<UnknownSmurf> except that one was successful, just fyi.
<UnknownSmurf> (I just noticed that when I went to check my spy ops)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> oh &#036;%&amp;@...
<Adolph_M[NSO]> lemme check.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> well this sadly changes things.
<UnknownSmurf> Mission Date Operation By Operation On Mission Type
<UnknownSmurf> 10/22/2013 7:55:46 PM
<UnknownSmurf> Team: Brown
<UnknownSmurf> 3 Headed Elephants
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: Unknown Smurf
<UnknownSmurf> Kaskus
<UnknownSmurf> Team: White
<UnknownSmurf> DudeBaSkeT
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: Basket
<UnknownSmurf> New Sith Order
<UnknownSmurf> Gather Intelligence
<UnknownSmurf> Failure, Not Caught
<UnknownSmurf> Details Details
<UnknownSmurf> 10/22/2013 7:55:25 PM
<UnknownSmurf> Team: Brown
<UnknownSmurf> 3 Headed Elephants
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: Unknown Smurf
<UnknownSmurf> Kaskus
<UnknownSmurf> Team: Green
<UnknownSmurf> Oakes Hollow
<UnknownSmurf> Ruler: oakeshott
<UnknownSmurf> New Sith Order
<UnknownSmurf> Gather Intelligence
<UnknownSmurf> Success, But Caught
<UnknownSmurf> Details Details
<UnknownSmurf> They were done 21 seconds apart.......
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay, i'll have to refer to Rayvon about this.
<UnknownSmurf> Okay, I'll be online.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> forget about the earlier reps for a while.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> unfortunately, he isn't online right now.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> I would be forced to ask for bigger reps. just needed approval from the ones in charge.
<UnknownSmurf> Ah okay, well if its all the same to you I will try and get approval for 18mll or 600 tech for now, if you don't get approval on yoru end we can move forward from there.
<UnknownSmurf> Sound okay?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay. we'll talk again probably tomorrow evening about this. I'll need to talk to the DC about this.
<UnknownSmurf> Okay.
<UnknownSmurf> Also we'd like to reopen our embassy with you guys, if you are alright with it. It seems as though we have common enemies now
<UnknownSmurf> (If you want to bring that up as well in the same topic)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> personally, that's okay with me. It'll be up to Spartacus and the DC concerning your embassy.
<UnknownSmurf> Alright, sounds good.
<UnknownSmurf> Hi.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> hey
<UnknownSmurf> I cannot agree to send more reps then for the 3 we agreed upon (the two that were caught and the one I gave to you in good faith).
<UnknownSmurf> As far as I can tell, we did not do it. I have asked everyone for screneshots of their "spy op" page in-game.
<UnknownSmurf> So far nothing out of the ordinary, and if it comes up, then I will arrange for reps to be paid, but at this time, I cannot agree to pay reps for something we have not done.
<UnknownSmurf> (afaik)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> this isn't a coincidence for me that someone else decided to spy on us the day your friends in Kaskus spied on us. Most of us think so. I'll give you a benefit of a doubt that you probably don't know about the 4th spy op but this isn't public so nobody knows that we were spied on.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> could you give me a screenshot of Kaskus' spy ops?
<UnknownSmurf> Anyone who looks at the exposed spy reports knows about it.
<UnknownSmurf> Every nations?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> it wasn't exposed.
<UnknownSmurf> Two were.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> i meant the 4th one.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> if Kaskus isn't responsible for the 4th one, then show me a screenshot of all its spy ops.
<UnknownSmurf> Yes, I understand what you mean. What I meant by that ingame message (sorry if it wasn't clear, I was at work and in a rush when I typed it) was that a third party may have heard about the first two incidents being handled then they would do a third to make it appear as though it was Kaskus again
<UnknownSmurf> I assure you it wasn't.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> a screenshot would be a proof of Kaskus' innocence.
<UnknownSmurf> I do not have everyones yet, and it is OPSEC material, I cannot give everyones away. If you can show me a screenie of the fourth nation that was spied upon (the thwarted message) I can get a screenshot of everyone in his range.
<UnknownSmurf> (that is also in Kaskus)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> a moment please. let me look for it.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> To: MonochromeF3ar From: Unknown Sender Date: 10/23/2013 2:30:57 AM
<Adolph_M[NSO]> Subject: Spy Operation Attack
<Adolph_M[NSO]> Message: A spy operation has been launched against your nation. The attacking spies were given the following order: Gather Intelligence. In the attack your counter intelligence systems prevailed and managed to thwart the attack although we are not sure who launched this attack.
<UnknownSmurf> Of course its someone in range of everyone -.-;;
<UnknownSmurf> It'll take me some time to get it all together. That alright?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> yes that's fine. all we want is proof that you have nothing to do with the 4th attack and we can move on from there.
<UnknownSmurf> Awesome.
<UnknownSmurf> Hold on.
<UnknownSmurf> mm this is going to take longer then anticipated as everyone in range hasn't submitted their spy ops screenie yet
<Adolph_M[NSO]> yeah i thought so.
<UnknownSmurf> Well here's mine at least: http://nonpermited image host.com/view.php?pic=28u5gdh&s=5
<Adolph_M[NSO]> stupid really of your friend spying on us. whatever gave him the idea?
<UnknownSmurf> I don't know. He's a new member; and a lot of people don't like him.
<UnknownSmurf> Alot of people made fun of his tiny WC and few casualties
<UnknownSmurf> so I think he wants to go to war to build those up
<UnknownSmurf> Well the casualties at least.
<UnknownSmurf> But I can't say for sure what is going through anyones head other then my own, and even on the latter I'm wrong half the time :P
<Adolph_M[NSO]> and you trusted this guy to sit for your nation?
<UnknownSmurf> Well no. I had my nation sat by another Kaskus member back during the GOONS war and I had my password posted on the facebook group. I suspect that he scrolled back and used it, but we're launching an internal investigation about it. Unfortunately (as far as we can tell) IPs are tracked when you collect taxes, not when you log in, so hypothetically you can log into someone elses nation and not be banned/flagged for multiple accounts. I've alerted CN mods to the possible hack and am waiting for a response from them
<UnknownSmurf> (I have never changed my password until between the GOONS war and this incident-- I have changed it now)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> good for you. Speaking of mods, Ray has taken this issue to the mods.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> that was this morning I think.
<UnknownSmurf> Can I be banned if he used my account without my knowledge?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> i don't think so if you have a legit proof that you were unaware of it.
<UnknownSmurf> God I hope I get banned so that I can get away from this freakin game :P
<UnknownSmurf> j/p
<Adolph_M[NSO]> lol you can always go if you want to. you know that, right?
<UnknownSmurf> Easier said then done lol
<Adolph_M[NSO]> it's not like you'll die for real if you just let your nation delete by inactivity.
<Adolph_M[NSO]> anyway, let me remind you that if you get off clean from the 4th spy attack, we still want those reps. 18 mil or 600 tech, depending on the choice of the ones who got spied on.
<UnknownSmurf> And if I'm too lazy to go after everyone and hound them for a screenshot then crop/upload them?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> well, you know the answer to that.
<UnknownSmurf> I just pay an extra aid slot of 6mill or 200t?
<UnknownSmurf> Because I'd rather pay that then do all this -.-
<Adolph_M[NSO]> if you wish.
<UnknownSmurf> Hold on I gotta get the okay from govt. Don't make that official yet
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay then.
<UnknownSmurf> It's cool with you guys? (I'm thinking of Ray particularly)
<Adolph_M[NSO]> yes i would like to think so.
<UnknownSmurf> Honestly, based on my dealings with Ray, I don't think he would be, so do you mind asking/confirming before I go ahead and do that?
<Adolph_M[NSO]> okay let me check. he's online but he's probably not online. you know what i mean.
<UnknownSmurf> Yeah.
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My point was that I don't think either party did anything wrong given the situation, reps were paid and that is that.

As for the moderation issue allegation, I haven't been deleted obviously. I will just leave it at that.

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