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I miss Moo-Cows.



So here we are, another year, another boomerang CN member coming back to the public stage.

Anyway, on to the point:

I was reading the old CN forums, specifically on times of great note; Ivanelterrible fighting Chris Kaos, going 'rogue' in order to fight an unjust, corrupt cheater. My thread dealing with the GATO/Gonzo debacle, way back when. And finally, our tribute thread to S1phrx, a \m/ember who passed away (a good friend and a great player.)

So, why mention venerable Moo-cows?

Because he was a class act; he could browbeat or praise, direct or allow direction easily. He was my favorite Emperor of Pacifica, and the one who sealed my respect for that venerable old institution. We were not as close as I wish; perhaps I allowed myself to think "some-day", when in truth there has always and only been today.

I'm forever late, but let me be the last, saddened voice to say:

I miss you, Moo-Cows.


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I still laugh at the time Xiao expedited your app to keep you safe under the banner at USN and Gibson thought you were an alter ego of me cause I arranged a few quid in aid in Xiao's name.

4 pages of pure lol

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