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I've never claimed to be a "lyrical" rap fan, Lupe Fiasco has fallen off hard. I do like good music and artistic growth, however, which artists like Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean (HoF early AOTY), and Kanye West have all displayed.

Also how are you gonna talk about "kid" when you're like 13

I never said you were, hence the "Serving as a sidenote" statement. What do you have to say now that I have exposed you of your illiteracy once again ;) . You like music from Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Kanye West. That alone should show how you do not know what the term "good music" is.

Oh, and by the way, I am 16 years old. Get your facts straight before you let your mouth illogically run.

I thought how Eminem's only good political commentary was when he can make two graphic songs about killing a woman he knows and get loved for it. I'm not sure if you've listened to Kim or 96 Bonnie and Clyde, but that's not really something to be celebrating as a breath of fresh air. If you really think Mosh was really the best anti-establishment song you've ever heard then you might want to listen to Black Flag, or any punk rock group. And if you want rap you might want to listen to The Coup, Dead Prez, Killer Mike, even Immortal Technique and his crew. Even Kanye West has offered more social commentary at the main stage of hip hop than any other rapper.

But if you're a teenager, I understand your love for Eminem, he's a great lightening rod to channel your teenage angst.

Dead Prez and Immortal Technique are both phenomenal artists. They deserve more credibility than they currently receive. And to be honest, I do not let a couple of songs (or a few) ruin my opinion for an artist. And I like "Kim" mainly because of the emotion and instrumental of the song, I am not a supporter of domestic violence and Eminem had every right to produce such a song like this since Kim did cheat on him while he busted his ass to supply a roof for his wife and children and putting food on the table for them; just be glad he did not beat her to death for doing such action.

If Eminem was Latino or black, he wouldn't of blew up like he did. Plus of the the attention he got from his legal battles and the negative publicity he got from his lyrics helped as well.

I really love it when people say Eminem is good because of his "clever wordplay" or his "lyricism". Anyone can use metaphors, similes, alliteration, and all of the other types of literary devices. Practically every rapper uses those devices, hell, any person that has written a song uses those types of things. I'll give him credit in his free-styling skills, not anyone can do that, but anyone with a middle school education can use metaphors, similes, etc.

Like Believland mentioned, he has been doing the same !@#$ for the past 15 years. His biggest change had to be with Relapse and other album after that (the name escapes me a the moment).

Simply existing doesn't make him a legend.

You can't say he rose to fame simply because of his lyrics. Like I said before, all of his legal battles really put his out there as well.

Plus, having well respected members of the rap community saying you're good (Dre and Snoop come to mind), people are going to listen.

Honestly, I would consider Insane Clown Posse more of a legend than Eminem, mostly because they rose to the top on their own. They weren't "Discovered" like Eminem was. They fought to were they are now, Eminem was placed pretty damn near the top. That's why I place Eminem in the same boat as Justin Beiber.

I will explain my reasons why I believe Eminem might be the Greatest of All Time in the rap world in my next entry using a variety of sources that proves my opinion evident. And that statement was blatantly ignorant, not everyone can author clever wordplay and lyricism as Eminem has. I'll just lazily throw this one out:

You could date a stick of dynamite and wouldn't go out with a bang

I showered the slang, simple as A,B,C's

Skip over the D's and rock the microphone with E's (ease)

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Eminem is not the best, you just think he is because his songs relate to your life more than other rappers it seems. Just as BEazy said, Eminem is a great lightning rod to channel teenage angst.

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Eminem is not the best, you just think he is because his songs relate to your life more than other rappers it seems. Just as BEazy said, Eminem is a great lightning rod to channel teenage angst.

I agree, it is too early to determine who might be the greatest of all time since it seems that Hip-Hop might be reviving some time in the future and escape from the trap it fell into. I know I have said he is, but so far, he is my favorite out of every rapper who has picked up the mic.

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I wouldn't even consider Tupac, Dre, or System of a Down legends (yet). If people in the next twenty years remember Eminem for more than being white in a "black man's game", then he'll be a legend. Until then, he's alright.


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