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Game Ideas Wiki

Malik Shabazz



Hey guys,

If you guys didn't know, there is a website called GameIdeas. It's basically a wiki where you can come up with your own ideas for video games, I think you guys should check it out. By the way, here are some of my articles:


PostHUMAN is basically about a group of people called the Posthumans. The posthumans are basically a bunch of people who have acquired superpowers as a result of evolution. As such, society hates and fears them; this game details their struggles. It's an RPG with action elements.


Batman: Gotham Knights is of course a video game about Batman. He and his allies must stop the Joker and his cronies from terrorizing Gotham. It's a 2D side-scrolling platformer.

These aren't all of my articles but these are my best ones IMO. lf you want to see the rest, check out: Megaman 13, Megaman x Marvel, The Ultimate Showdown, and Justice League: Super Heroes. Also feel free to make your own profile if this is your thing.



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