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CN Artwork Repository




While there are a lot of good artists in the CN community, there are a few that come to mind immediately when i think of CN art.

Be it forum signatures, alliance flags, forum banners, forum tags whatever, there is one who has such a vast body of work all over the community, creations of his being used by so many that i feel he deserves special mention.

I talk of course about the snappy Bazilian. D34th.

A treasure trove of his work can be found at the following location on the internet.

D34th's Graphics Portfolio : It is on the New Polar Order Forums so you might require to register to view it. A small trivial inconvinience (registration process) but in my opinion, well worth the effort if you enjoy looking at art that the CN community throws up.




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Credit to d34th for sure, he in fact created our NPL Flag and masthead for example. Never asked for anything he just wanted to contribute some quality art to CN and love him or hate him I think that's pretty cool.

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