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The Silver Flight of the Doves




War Doves in the Silver Jubilee Tournament


The 25th Round of Cyber Nations: Tournament Edition ended at server update time yesterday (14th June 2013). In order to mark the first year anniversary of the War Doves, which coincides with the Silver Jubilee of the Tournament Edition, I present this prose:

Deep in the Green, the Mother nurtures her hatchlings,

Bathed in blood when no more than nestlings,

Squabs feasting on new prey,

Unaware the stone cold world while they play

Seeking their catharsis, the fledglings flew,

Friends of a feather did join their crew,

Past hamsters, oranges and to the Atlantic,

Not once purple from fatigue

Cobras they did not fear,

After the Nest, the world was here

Our flagrunner, Samwise of Green Dragon, also Minister of Defense for the War Doves, was placed second in the 25th Round.

With the power vested in me by the Mother Dove in the endless sky, I, Dragonshy, Sugar Daddy of the War Doves, name Samwise of Green Dragon the Pegasus. May he/she/it bring forth the light of the Mother Dove to all the four corners of the world! Awards will also be forthcoming for our other feathered warriors.


About War Doves

War Doves is a Cyber Nations: Tournament Edition alliance, founded by a group of alliance friends for battle training in round 22. Though an informal micro-alliance at the beginning, the War Doves has grown 5 times its original size; and now boasts its very own charter, forums, IRC channel and wiki page.


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