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The little book of OWF spin



The OWF is about spin. We all know this. Every post is a delicately spun web written in beautiful owfish. Having spent more time than is healthy reading this, I have decided to construct a translation guide. None of this is aimed at any one person (translation: No one get angry please). It is all supposed to be tongue in cheek (Translation: Please don't quote this at me if I say any of this on the OWF)

We wish them well-We wish they would fall down a well, preferably with dragons at the bottom

This should have been resolved privately-This screw up is too embarassing for us to have on the OWF

I heard about this weeks ago-A rumor went round IRC after the one person I know who goes on CNtel came online

Peacemode is for cowards-This is the first time I have had the upper hand in war and I hate that I can't fight more

Peacemode is a strategy-Our upper tier is too busy stat hugging or too inactive to fight

I have an army of 17 nations-I have an army of two nations that will mutiny immediately after this announcement

I really like your new government-I recognise some members of your new government

Unexpected-Your OPSEC is at least good enough this didn't make it to CNtel before the announcement.

Well fought-There is no personal dislike here right? Right? Please don't come for us when you get the upper hand.

Disbanding alliances would be good for gameplay-Disbanding my rivals would be good for my ego

You are an irrelevance-This is something relevant people say right? Right? WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?

I am winning all my wars-I seek out the most inactive nations to fight to hide from the fact my coalition is losing.

Politics is dead in this game-I am not good enough at politics to be allowed in government discussions

We play this game for the politics not the community-Our allies are too inactive to have a community

We play for the community not for politics-Please stop mocking the way we lose every war

Quality over Quantity-Our nations suck just as much as yours, but there are less of them so its not embarrassing for us to take damage right?

We have inflicted more damage on you despite you outnumbering us-My lack of knowledge of game mechanics will become apparent in my lack of performance in war.

I thank you for fighting with honor-I thank you for lining all your nations up outside of peacemode

We harbor no ill will towards you-We don't have enough firepower to get you....yet.

Thats all for now, please feel free to add your own-Please don't mock me in the comments


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Honest, "I like your new government" and "This should have been resolved privately" are probably the only accurate statements. At least, as far as being applicable to a good majority of people that say it.

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"You suck" / "your post/entry sucks" (and variations) are translated as:

"The posts praising me/my friends are the only good ones.


Isn't the OWF dull BTW? :lol1: "

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"I am winning all my wars-I seek out the most inactive nations to fight to hide from the fact my coalition is losing. "

I lol'd at this one. So many highly active nations pick out the weakest of the weak targets.

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