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So I'm having this argument with some truthers..




I've been bored recently. Decided to pick a fight with some youtube nubs. I found a delicious target on the WTC's. What I've learned from truthers:

Apparently, the fuel shouldn't have exploded, because the combustion temperature of jet fuel is 140F. It is not possible that temperature could have been reached, obviously.

Because fuel reaches a pressure of 60psi during combustion, it couldn't have wrecked steel with a shear strength of 36,000psi.

Apparently a year is too long (or too short?) a time to clean up half a million tons of debris. Clearly, a coverup is at hand.

Airplanes don't need velocity to fly.

Tower 7, contained nothing of value, which is why it was a perfect clandestine place for a detonation center

Tower 7, contained a wealth of valuable items, most of which incriminated the government and banking industry of financial crimes.

I'm having a field day here. :troll: My favorite is when they try and present me with engineering evidence. They're like a much cuter version of amateur physicists. BUT EINSTEIN SAID THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM WILL COLLAPSE UPON ITSELF WHILE EMITTING TRANSFLUX DINGLEHOPPERS IN THE AXIAL DIRECTION OF RADIAL ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOW. Clearly ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves an anomaly.



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They're right!! Its all part of the Illuminati scheme!!!


But seriously, I find the collaspe of WTC 7 odd.

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I find it even better to not only adopt their point of view, but to push them either farther over the edge.

"Don't you find it funny that so many fire trucks responded? Everyone knows that water won't put out chemtrail-laced thermite explosions."

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lmao gopher

@bowwow, yes, WTC 7 falling down was a little strange, but idk. Buildings fall down all the time from earthquakes. On top of that, buildings, especially large ones, are not always in good repair even if they look fine on the outside. (Or so I've been told from multiple professional testimonials) Couple disrepair with a large tremor and you have yourself a receipt for collapse.

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I am waiting for David Blaine to finally admit it is his finest trick yet and they are still there.

I am still waiting for proof that the Moon exists and placing a big white disk in the Sky once a month is not enough to fool me.

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