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Hey, wanna see CN when it was young?

So, want to see CN when it was still young? I have found the site for you!


This lets you see how CN was as far back as the 19th of July, 2003. You can see slow changes to it, etc.

The site (Web Archive) also shows many other site's history (as long as there isn't robot.txt files that are blocked :D) such as fark.com, somethingawful.com, wikipedia.org and more.


Recommended Comments

I mean, CN didn't exist until 2006, but whatever.

But ya, I remember those days when the most powerful nation had an NS of 2,116.530

The only legit alliances were GATO, NPO, Legion, ODN, NAAC, LUE, Grey Council, and then GGA and GPA SHARED green, which was unthinkable.

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