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Welcome to BobBound; Cybernation's first interactive Declaration of Existence (as far as I'm aware)!

Here's how it works; between now and the DoE, I will be organising a RP-filled background-laden story leading up to the official DoE. Its elaborate and entertaining nature should hopefully give some background as to the nature of the Alliance, as well as the folks within it.

All comments made in an 'action'* format may be selected and will have an influence on how the plot unravels. This adventure is being mirrored offsite as well, so some outside suggestions may also be included.

TLDR: YOU control the story. This will probably lead to horrible consequences, but I'm willing to take that chance.

*Actions look like this:

>Be RevolutionaryRebel

Directions like this can be used by the author (me) to select a character as the main focus, or make things happen inside the story.

>Be RevolutionaryRebel

You are now RR. Wow, congrats on that. You are now some loser with a young nations and pretty much zero friends. Great going there, you're now stuck here. Looks like you will have to put up with being this sucker for a while.

But what will he do?

When character is selected or set, you can then tell that character to do things.

> RevolutionaryRebel: Stop explaining things

These can be used to alter character behaviour and make things happen.

>RR: Stop explaining things

You stop typing a stupid explanation of how to respond to your !@#$%* blog and go back to being a loser with no life. Like basically every day. Or pretty much everyone else that plays silly online games like Cyber Nations.

That should be all the info y'all need to make this thing happen. My next blog post will basically start the adventure and bring everyone up to date.

Adios, toreadors!



Recommended Comments

>Be RevolutionaryRebel

>Delete RevolutionaryRebel's nation

>Be RevolutionaryRebel

You tried hard. Very hard. You strived with all seventy IQ points to replicate the pure, unadulterated nerd-infused Waste of Time. And yet, you failed. You cannot be RevolutionaryRebel. It is impossible to be as pathetic as RevolutionaryRebel.

Congratulations are in order.

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