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Well... Back to basics?




So, towards the end of the recent war, I went into economic-mode due to depleting my warchest. I was unconcerned about being attacked as long as I maintained some nukes and stayed in the 60K NS range.

Today, I just happened to look through my nation's info page, scroll down, and noticed something unusual.

5 Guerrilla Camps...

And I had already done a mini-infra jump from around 3.5K to 3.99K a few days ago. :facepalm:



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I myself have never made any economic missteps. Evar.

I've collected with Labor Camps on at least two occasions, bought infra without them once, I've also bought infra and collected with the wrong gov type several times.

These kind of missteps are oddly easy to make after a war. We get in our peace time routines for so long between conflicts that we start to miss things when it's time to build. It's been a long time since most rulers have had to decom GC's for example.

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Collecting with labor camps, collecting with screwed up gov and religion choices, paying bills without labor camps. You name it, i've done it. About the only thing i have not done with my nation due to me being sozzled is declare war on someone.

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