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The funniest thing about this war



So the war's in full swing. Only a couple surrenders so far. Both coalitions are trying to propagandize their way to victory.

I'd like to take a step back a minute and break down what DH/Umbrella, is saying out there. They're trying to make the case that they've won in the upper tier. And hands down, I think Umbrella will have an upper tier victory if this war lasts only a short duration, but regardless of the war's duration, what about CnG? What about VE? They don't have Upper tiers like Umbrella. Competence may get an upper tier victory, but what does that mean for the nations that make up the majority of their coalition?

It doesn't take very long to stumble on a post like Cuba's, where he says Umbrella is basically saving themselves at the expense of their coalition.

Went ahead and tallied up my wars (had to interpolate a bit since a few were deleted/not registered) and I've done a collective 425k NS damage to my opponents. That's more than certain entire AA's out there. Just because I finished my task before the "shark tank (lol)" could kill my AA-mates doesn't mean I've not done some heavy lifting. Quite the contrary sir, we've actually statistically eliminated the entire enemy super tier, and most of its remaining upper tier, thereby securing our own security for the next, I dunno, 3 years?

So, Umbrella super tier is going to sit around and do nothing, while CnG/VE and friends get smashed into oblivion. For three years he says!

A little bit later, we find another doosey

This war won't last forever, nobody wants that. But we still have some fight left in us, and we are making this war as painful for you as possible. We may lose, but in the meantime we are decimating your upper tiers. Like I said, we can rebuild our lower and middle tiers a lot easier than you can rebuild your upper tiers.

Translation: Don't worry CnG, that 650,000 tech lost is easily replaceable. There's plenty of tech sellers out there. (right?) Heck Look at Umb, we have no trouble getting tech. And besides, we'll aid you a billion dongs, after we first aid Goons a billion dongs of course, and the world will be at peace once again. -_-

Let's get one thing straight, CnG. Umbrella does not give a damn about you. These two posts alone imply that, and there's many signals beyond that. These posts implicitly concede CnG is getting stomped, but that's ok because Umbrella isn't getting stomped, and even though CnG may be permanently mangled, Umbrella will be able to 'forever bask in super nation glory'. CnG being the selfless bloc that they are, that's all that matters, right? Right?

ODN/INT, You guys are going to learn a hard lesson that it took sparta far too long to learn. I know you're excited. Umb probably gave you a special forum mask. They probably talk to you everyday on IRC. And dat avgNS. Who could

forget that avgNS. What else could you want in such a great ally?

The truth is Umb is !@#$@#$ you in the ass. Once they're done using you and you decide to call them on it, they're going to try and make you feel better with future promises, monetary aid or both. First, Let me be clear, It's not realistic to send you enough monetary aid to anywhere near cover your political and pixel damages. Umbrella has this mindset, where if you have an avgns less than them, they'll send you a few million dongs and somehow you'll magically be "strong" once again. CnG, You're not goons. No amount of money is going to cover your losses. They're making an offer no idiot will accept, so they can say that they tried to help you in the future if you complain. Despite the fact that they know the offer is garbage, and have no real intention of making good on the offer anyway. I've heard relationships with Umbrella be described as abusive, and that really is a perfect word to describe it. Unfortunately, I think it's something you have to really experience to fully understand, but hey, I'm doing my best to tip you off early. Second of all, they're not going to keep their future promises. They're going to do what's best for them, at. all. times. I could pull up posts of JA and crew blatantly saying history doesn't matter and instances of them going against their word to save their own skin, but I won't drag up old news.

If you think I'm !@#$%^&*ting you, ask MHA, Ask Alpha Omega, ask any of Umbrella's former allies. After Roq left, Umbrella has completely lost perspective on the world. They only think about themselves, and Umbrella posts show that they haven't changed a single bit. They're going to throw your whole bloc under the bus, so they can "buy themselves 3 more years on top". Use your head and read into what they are saying. Actions speak louder than words, and right now their actions are saying they have every intention to do you no service.

G.I. Joe sums up my recommendations to CnG/VE pretty well:

tl;dr The funniest part of this war, is that if CnG/VE don't pull their head out of their butt, they may find themselves amongst the ranks of Invicta and Legion, when they were joined at the hip with '09 NPO.

Good night and good luck all


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Well, yeah. That point is rather obvious. If Competence wins the Upper Tier, Umbrella will go through the rest of the war nearly unscathed. And if I was getting nuked for 2 months I would be happy to take a breather. Implying they could give a !@#$ less about CnG from two forum posts is rather stupid

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Does anybody else understand what this guy is trying to say? Take a breather? Huh?

Anyway, the only thing I could decipher from your post was the last sentence. You do realize that it's more than 2 posts, right? They've been arguing this since before the beginning of the war. This is their entire premise for why Competence coalition is winning the war. Those are just two blatant examples I found one night amidst a single argument. That entire thread, is based on the premise that the upper tier is going to go unscathed. You seem to either be ignorant of, or forgetting that I was allied to Umbrella for ~4 years until fairly recently. I have a pretty good idea how they operate. I fail to see what you find so stupid. Just because I'm saying Umb/DH is taking advantage of CnG, and everyone from Competence is rallying behind that idea, doesn't make the statement stupid or wrong. Only time will tell for sure. I think you just got salt on your wound, but that isn't my problem.

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I am sad that I just stumbled across this today. This is an exceptional read. Who in their mind would NOT take FA advice from a Spartan? Amirite. To be honest, at this point, my single biggest pet peeve with Umbrella has 0 to do with this war, it is their protection of the Spartan !@#$sphere 2 wars back. The end of that war should have seen terms for Sparta that included a peace mode exit for war, but those !@#$%* Umbrellans allies of Sparta's would not allow that. Terribad allies.

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You're really bringing up peace mode? Really? Right now? Of all times? You? You're serious? Do I need to point out how hypocritical that is, or is there some technicality that makes it far worse for sparta than TLR? Please, do inform me as I'm sure you will. Perhaps we should take some of your own advice, and force terms and a peace mode exit. Then you'll be able test Umbrella's commitment to rebuilding CnG's !@#$ tier. I'm not going to lie, the prospect of that, is both quite hilarious and enticing.

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I'll tell you what Sparky, you go check out peace mode stats, and you will find that nearly all of them are there because you geniuses fighting us LET them escape to there. you will find VERY few of our nations who spent the entire war in PM. As evidenced by the fact that we have dropped nearly 50% of our NS. Can you Spartans say the same? Before you answer that, know that I have the spreadsheets from the last 2 wars right in front of me.

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OH HOO HOOO@ @@!!! THE PEACE MODE STATS! YOU GOT ME SHAKIN IN MY BOOTS! Rush, any idiot can see you guys let your 30-50 best guys out, and left the guys with no tech and warchest in PM. I don't care how many Spreadsheets you have in front of you. Yeah, a bunch of them may have got lucky enough to get back into PM, that doesn't change the fact that they seem to be staying in Peace mode now. Furthermore, no stats you put up change the fact, that TLR has 68 people in peace mode, and 37 in war mode. All I'm trying to say is, those who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. I don't want this topic to change into a peace mode argument. Make no mistake, I really have no issue with TLR keeping that many people in peace mode if that's what they choose to do. But to come in here and make a PM statement like that is full retard through and through. I'd expect it from some run of the mill lackey, but not a former Tri.

Between you and me ooc, I'm offended that you think you can fear me with stats. You must legitimately believe I'm a fool.

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In fact Einstein, I did the work for you. Lets start with 40K and below, whom we have not yet sent to fight. These nations in no way can be accused of being "hidden",. They are sticking to our tier strategy, but even COUNTING them, we have 43 nations that have been in PM the entire war (that would leave 73 who have not been)... when you take into account only those above 40K can even possibly be considered nations to be "hidden" in Peace Mode... That leaves us with these whopping numbers.....

13 Nations "hidden" in peace mode. (out of 116)

863,343 NS "hidden" in peace mode. (out of pre-war total NS of 6.2 million)

That means we have "hidden" a whopping 11% of our nations, and a "whopping" 13.9% of our total NS. You can do alot of things. You can yuck it up and celebrate being beholden unto Duckroll and NPO ... you can continue being cocky that your coattail riding will finally land you on the winning side... you can continue making pathetic attempts like this of propaganda thinking that anyone in TLR or anyone else in C&G gives a toss what you think.... but what you cannot do.... EVER... is draw comparisons and conclusions of Spartan cowardice in contrast with ANYONE else. Your alliance was crap in the past. Your alliance is crap today. Your alliance will be crap tomorrow. My alliance are fighters, and we are more than willing to go down fighting with a smile on our face just for the mere principle of not having to be within 3 or 4 chains of complete crap like Sparta in the future.

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Yeah ask Legion how bad off GATO is.....

Oh and I wouldn't expect Umb to give a !@#$ about us considering we don't really care for them much either.

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