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Tom Riddle: Why?




I've been closely watching this ongoing situation about Tom. Many players are sort-of harassing him and some even are (indirectly) trying to make him leave the game. My point and question is:

Why? Why do you want to make Riddle quit? The arguments say he is a "troll" or something like that.

Internet (and cybernations) Rule 1#

Ignore the trolls

Now I'm not saying he is a troll, I'm just pointing out what others said. If you don't want to see his posts, just ignore him. Simple as that. Why start threads or blogs directly attacking him? It's ridiculous.

Put yourself in his place. Would you like to see people posting bad stuff about you? If you don't like it, try to find a way to stop, should it fail just ignore. It's clear that Riddle is not leaving the game. Okay. Next step is ignoring him. (those of you who don't like him)

My thoughts.



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I'd be sad to see him go, personally. We need all the entertainment value we can get around these parts. I mean, most of us are satiating our thirst for war at the moment, but once that's over what will we have? The way I see it, there is not enough commie drama or micro mishaps these days. Our world needs more Tom Riddles, not less. Ok, well, maybe one is enough. :)

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Because you morons won't stop making blogs about him.

The point I want to prove is you should not be harassing people around, if you couldn't resolve the issue, ignore it.

And you, no need to be rude, no one asked you to comment this blog.


Lol wars are okay, but still, there's no need to harass people.

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I don't want him to quit. I don't want him to stay. I don't want anything from him. I find him and the people who dislike him irritating in equal measures and would love to be able to mute all of them.

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I don't want him to quit. I don't want him to stay. I don't want anything from him. I find him and the people who dislike him irritating in equal measures and would love to be able to mute all of them.

You can ignore them. Just go to your profile and manage blocked users.

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I actually was fine with him in his first incarnation. Until that is he destroyed a micro alliance and humiliated them by impersonating a competent player and then somehow managing to get them to lose a war that should have been 17-2 in his favor. He then immediately respawned as a new player claiming to be someone different and essentially repeated the same strategy. I think had the world not been too busy at war his new alliance would already have had to throw him out again because he has played the same way.

This comes down to the difference between a newb and a n00b. A newb being someone who is bad at a game because they are new to it and can be helped integrate into a community and to be a useful player. No one minds a new player with a terrible trade set, a ton of land with no infastructure and 2 guerilla camps with no harbor that has been playing 2 weeks. That player still has potential.

Winner/Tom Riddle is not that person. He is arrogance personified. He came into the game demanding to be treated like an equal. People then tried to help him recognising that his enthusiasm gave him potential. He essentially spat on that and is still insisting that he is the best player in the game, including threatening to use his alliances protector to back up the fights he starts.

For me the recognition that he is bad still dates back to when he managed to destroy 2 past micros by taking an almighty dump on those around him and using them to be victims in his arrogant bid for recognition.

From an IC perspective I have a live and let live approach that means not stamping on small alliances.

From an OOC perspective I recognise that micro alliances are good for the game and that Tom Riddle has in his past incarnation been a toxic member of any alliance. The destruction of those micros probably hurt the game a good deal. He is now already in a situation where he cannot pay the debts he racked up early on in the game and will most likely get in more fights in the near future.

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Isnt the irony that he identifies as the ultimate evil bad guy in Harry Potter striking to anyone? For that reason alone, you should consider opposing him lol. I mean cmon he killed Harry's friends and parents! Outrageous!!

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