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Which alliance to join...




While the promise of war drew me back, I've found I've become rather apathetic about specific goings-on since I've been out of the big alliance game for a while after joining a string of smaller alliances (TJO, COJ, etc.). I think I need to just join a bigger alliance and see if that rekindles my interest in alliance politics. I'd prefer a change of scenery, so nowhere I've actually been before, and my nation is tiny as $%&@ because I just made it so it's not like I'm going to be swinging the tide in anyone's favor as far as the war is concerned...mostly I'll just absorb beatings from people who've been knocked down to my NS range with a billion more wartime improvements.

That said, any suggestions for an active community where I'd fit? I've been around the game for a while so I'd prefer a more established place. I dunno how many people actually remember me and hold grudges/like me because it' been so long since I really did anything on the forums. As a result, I'm at an absolute loss for where to even apply. So...who's good this time of year?



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I have a dozen tiny as !@#$ nations with me - myself included. I'd love to have a fellow returner to discuss stuff with.

As for 'big alliances'; the ones on the losing side will always have more love to offer than the winners. I reckon INT will need more people soon, same with Deinos.

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