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The Scorched Earth Top 10: The ten most destructive wars on Bob




The Scorched Earth Top 10: The ten most destructive wars on Bob

Welcome to the inaugural Scorched Earth Top Ten, where we look in detail at the ten most destructive active wars on Bob. These wars are the upper tier conflicts that in seven days or less have caused more NS loss than most nations in CN even have. This is where the heavy hitters hit heavily, and there warchest battles warchest to make their opponent the biggest smoking hole in the ground. As this is the first episode, all the wars in this chart are new to us, so we'll be taking a look at the mayhem for each one.

10. Commander Bean (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) vs LiquidMercury (The Grämlins). 43,142.37 NS destroyed (22%/77%)


(for some reason the stats don't think there's a number 9 in destructiveness)

The top ten starts with a hard fought battle between two veterans of the game. Bean is from Umbrella breakaway DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE, which manages to spread nearly a million NS across 6 members, making it one of the most heavy hitting micro-alliances in the game. LiquidMercury is from the The Grämlins, who have had a low profile in the game in recent history, but who have proved to be an awoken giant in this war. The stats seem to show LiquidMercury losing a lot more NS than Bean, although Bean has lost more land and soldiers. This could be explained by turtling, as you can't lose soldiers you don't buy. This siege ends at update tonight, which will leave Bean free of wars and LiquidMercury staggered.

9. Lady Aribeth (NATO) vs Xavii (Umbrella) - 43,434.86 NS destroyed. (65%/34%)


The former black team senator comes under attack here from one of NATO's top tier. Lady Aribeth was punching upwards by declaring this war, as she was at around 142k NS to Xavii's 170k. Both have suffered losses, but unsurprisingly for an uneven conflict Lady Aribeth has suffered more. This is a second-round war for Xavii and a first-round war for Aribeth, and the relative damage being done may be due to the two nations' asymmetry in how their NS is made up. Aribeth has vastly more infrastructure than Xavii, but at Xavii is in the top 40 nations for most tech. This slugfest ends at update, leaving Lady Aribeth out of wars and able to lick her wounds, and Xavii still under attack from OD45Glock of MOLON LABE. That war is only at number 36 on our list, but as it still has four days to go it's one to watch.

8. Commander Bean (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) vs Bob Janova (The Grämlins) 43,738.43 NS destroyed (30%/69%)


A remarkable second appearance in the top ten from Commander Bean, here locked in war with one of Planet Bob's true celebrities Bob Janova. Bean is the only combatant to appear twice in the Scorched Earth Top 10, which makes the amount of destruction he has racked up in either war even more impressive. Again, he has lost more soldiers than his opponent, but has more than made up for it in the amount of NS and tech he had destroyed. Bean is definitely one to watch. Possibly from quite a distance away.

7. Raymond Jaeger (The Order of the Reaper) vs Lord Siek (The Grand Lodge of Freemasons) 43,839.33NS destroyed (38%/61%)


A veritable bloodbath when it comes to troops, our number seven spot has seen over a million soldiers die in a week. This is the closest war on our charts so far, with Lord Siek losing more infra, tech and NS overall, but neither side has shown signs of tapping out. Expect to see more from both of these guys in later charts.

6. Prodigal Moon (Cult of Justitia) vs Kill Joy (Umbrella) 43,895.03NS destroyed (61%/38%)


A quick shout out to Prodigal Moon, who expressed interest in the charts in the comments to my last post. His war takes number 6 with a bullet. Well, a lot of bullets. And missiles. And aircraft. DAMN, that's a lot of aircraft. 936 planes have been lost in this war so far, which pits Prodigal Moon of the Cult of Justitia against Umbrella's second largest war mode nation. Hi, Prodigal, what do you think of the chart so far?

5. Momonishiki (Anarchy Inc) vs CubaQuerida (Umbrella). 44,201.85 NS lost (71%/28%)


Something of a cause celebre since being mentioned in Admin's blog yesterday, this war marks Anarchy Inc's first appearance in this chart. When this war started, CubaQuerida had more than a 50k NS advantage over Momonishiki, making this a brave war declaration, albeit one that may not have paid off. At update tonight, CubaQuerida will be out of all wars unless someone attacks before then. Momonishiki has another front to address with the Viridian Entente.

4. Barron von Hammer (NATO) vs Decker (Umbrella). 50,052.24NS destroyed (56%/43%)


A battle so destructive that it just broke the war details page, hence no Pac-Man graph of overall destruction, this is the closest war on the charts so far. NATO's Barron Von Hammer is taking more punishment than Umbrella's Decker, but it's a close run thing. Neither of these nations are currently in other wars, so until this battle wraps up on the second of February we have ourselves a classic duel on our hands.

3. gpn777 (NATO) vs JoshuaR (Umbrella). 51,844.25NS destroyed (73%/26%)


Another NATO/Umbrella battle, albeit a slightly less even one than our number 4 spot. This is another war that started with a considerable NS disparity between a smaller attacker and a bigger defender. gpn777 described this as "hitting the big dogs", although the graph of destruction suggests the dog may have bitten back.

2. Alexandros o Megas (Sparta) vs 123Duca (The Last Remnants). 52,891.18 NS destroyed (42%/57%)


As we get towards the top, the margins of victory narrow. This is the only appearance on this chart for either Sparta or The Last Remnants, and we see a hard fought battle with Alexandros having the upper hand. I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard not to reference that Gerard Butler film. If only I could remember where we were dining tonight...

1. pd73bassman (The Order of the Reaper) vs Charles the Great (The Grand Lodge of Freemasons) 57,312.03 NS destroyed (50%/49%)


In the number one spot we see a war sitting on a knife edge. pd73bassman and Charles the Great are separated by an NS loss of less than 200. Charles has lost less troops, more tanks, less aircraft and navy, more infrastructure, very slightly more tech, and way less land. There's no way to call this one. When this war ends it will be as a statistical tie.

This was a fun chart to put together. Join me back here tomorrow when most of these wars will have expired and we'll have an all new Scorced Earth Top 10!



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RnR's highest position was 64:

The Mooch (RnR) vs US Marine (Orange Defense Network) 27,259.51NS destroyed (44%/55%)
A pretty decent scrap that ended at update. The Mooch scored a narrow victory on this one, destroying marginally more infra, tech, and land.
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Plus i just relized this, but your title should not include earth, because this is Bob, not earth. So your title should have read "The Chorched Bob Top 10: The Most destructive wars in the world"

"scorched earth" refers not to the planet but to the fertile ground. Per Wikipedia "A scorched earth policy is a military strategy which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. It is a military strategy where all of the assets that are used or can be used by the enemy are targeted, such as food sources, transportation, communications, industrial resources, and even the people in the area."

It derives from ancient military tactics that involved burning everything to the ground so your enemy could not regroup.

Also, as I refer to the game as a game several times, it's fairly clear which side of the OOC/IC line I'm on.

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The game began gathering these statistics on 1/26/2013 so only wars declared after that date will have completely accurate statistics.

good idea, but maybe you should do another where the complete seven days of a war are counted

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