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Day 6: CA/SNAFU x TOP, Grä x DBDC, The Survivors AA protected by GATO




Day 6: CA and SNAFU declares on TOP, and Grä declares on DBDC,and GATO announces the protection of the The Survivors AA

Summer War 2012 Topics:

A brief and slightly delayed announcement (CA declares on TOP)

Stockpiled Nukes Are Finally Used (SNAFU declares on TOP)

AI DoW (Grä declares on DBDC)

A GATO Statement of Intent (GATO announces the protection of the The Survivors AA)

Current Web:


Blue vs. Red ~ Equilibrium Front

Purple vs. Green ~ NPO/NSO - Kaskus Front

Pink vs. Yellow ~ Grä - DBDC Front


Were there any unofficial DoW when the forums were down?

Snk changed to Sgku at request. All lines are now 3 pixels think... If anyone cares Forgot a whole section :/ Will change that tomorrow.



Recommended Comments

DBDC sided with Umbrella at the outbreak of the war, though I'm not sure exactly who they attacked.

Err okay Bambi told me on IRC that DBDC was just Umb uppertier but I didnt see any wars that weren't from Grä, but now I do haha. I'll just add Grä attacking Umb at next update.

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