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Stockpiling CM's




So I'm just joking with folks on readying up for the war, and asserting that I'm going to stock up on Cruise Missiles - A cardinal sin of CN warfare.

But it got me thinking.

Lets say that there isn't just an infinite stock of CM's for sale. Lets say you can't just reach your hand into hammerspace and magically create CM's out of thin air.

Let's say that there are a finite total number of CM's in Cybernations. A global stock of CM's. Every day, so many missiles are added to this stockpile. Say, as many CM's are added to this global stockpile as there are nations in the game, every day.

There is no cap to the global stockpile, so in times of peace, it would grow a lot.

But then a war hits, and everyone needs their CM's.

And lets take it a step further, and say that when there are fewer CM's available in the global stock, the prices go up exponentially.

How do you think this might affect the practice of stockpiling Cruise Missiles? Might it even affect global politics?



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Interesting theorem. Unfortunately their role in war is not, in my opinion, substantially significant enough to affect politics except for if they were still available in large quantities. Additionally, you make them to expensive and people will just use risk/reward equations and stop buying when they're not worth it.

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I have always wondered why upkeep triples after 50 cruise missiles. I mean, when has a nation ever held that many?

I guess they were good to increase one's NS, to get to/stay in the top 5% and to then be able to get nukes (MPs were not part of the original design).

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