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The Controversy: Am I Winner12345?: The Truth

Tom Marvolo Riddle



Now there has been some controversy over whether I am actually Winner12345 or a seperate player. Now we have some similarities, but many diffrences but i don't prefer to go through them all as i would just bore all of you. So instead i will explain something. I, Tom Riddle, am in fact a seperate person. In Real life, I know Winner. I went to school with him until he started homeschooling in the 6th grade. We stayed in touch and we had a similar political ideology, many of the same interests and where good friends. 2 weeks before he left the game, he told me about the game. I kept saying i was going to join, yet never got around to it. I finally decided to join, only to find that Winner had left. I really didn't want to play the game much, but got involved with a alliance pretty quick and decided to give it a try. Turns out it was a good choice. I hope this clears up any confusion there was.



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He's not back yet.

Why do you plan to delete and then re-roll back as Winner?

We all know you are the player behind Winner12345. Its plainly obvious.

My advice is to ignore all those calls of you being Winner and just continue to play as your new character. Just don't post everything the same way you did as Winner (such as ideals etc)

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This is embarrassing to watch. Like I feel embarrassment for you, Winner.

If you re-roll again, might want to make some effort to actually change your style of speech and crazy opinions. You'd fool people for more than a few minutes.

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You deleted, meaning providing you don't go back to your former IC ways, you get a clean slate in your new nation.

Just stay away from your old problems and you'll be fine.

Ignore the haters as well, though to be fair, you did give them a fair bit to work with.

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