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New English



Let's say the letters C, Q, and X, were dropped from mainstream use. K or S would replace C (except when using Ch). "Kue" would replace Q and X would be replaced by Z (but only when the letter begins with X). Here's an example of how'd it look; taking an excerpt from a RP site I frequent.

The Unitary State of New Kaliningrad is following a new polisy of open doors for foreign relations which would be klosely supervised by the State Ruling Party. As New Kaliningrad fokuses its relations firstly to those within the European sphere, the State wishes to have a systematik way of exchanging diplomasy with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

We therefore propose to establish formal relations between our two kountries and to kreate an embassy or konsulate to further handle bilateral affairs.


Drachma Bradley, Premier

Would this make English look stupid or would this be an improvement? Discuss below.


Recommended Comments

I don't think much would be lost in terms of value to the langage and whether it looks stupid to some would just be a matter of them not being used to it at first. Even if I don't see much use for those letters since we could easily do without as you pointed out, I'm still not sure less letters would really be an improvement. "Ch" can make an "sh"-like sound like when you say "Chase", but can also make a "K" sound when you say "Christ", so I can see how it might improve some things by making it easier for people to learn the language by simplifying it some if it was getting rid of some of those situations where letters can make different sounds in different situations. Although in your language alteration we would still have "Ch", so the possibility of it meaning several things wouldn't even be fixed. Instead your example mostly just seems to do so we have less ways of making certain sounds, so I don't think it would really improve anything. If there are no possible examples of sounds we could no longer make with the changes you propose it wouldn't really be a downgrade though. Although in a word like sequel, sekueuel just isn't the same, so if that's how your rules would make it look I don't think that would be good.

For words like sequel, you could maybe replace "q" with a "k" making it sekuel. Also if you had "s" replace "c" for things like "chase", then had "k" replace "ch" for things like "christ", I would see a point to the changes. Instead of having words like Christ and Chase, we have Krist and Shase, then I could see it as a possible improvement in we're getting rid of cases where letters make different sounds suddenly.

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I don't see the point of removing them.

Consider all the hardware that would need to be upgraded, the people needing to learn how to spell again, and so on.

Plus, some countries may adopt this, others would not, and so the english language would split even further.

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