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If you really were fitting out a nations military?

King Wally


We tend to not pay much attention in CN as we purchase what ever max level fighter jets we can or hit the max-tanks purchase button but it did make me stop and wonder the other day. If I actually was in charge of fitting out a nations military, within a limited budget (ie. pretty well anyone in the world below US military expenditure) how would I actualy do it?

Given limited funds what fighter jets would I invest in, given real world constraints (such as bans on F-22 exports, F-35 production delays and availabily problems etc), what Anti-Armor or Transport choppers would I purchase.

What style of Ground Forces would I assemble.. .a large poorly fitted out Militia type army or smaller well equiped professional army?

Anyway reply post with your thoughts on what gear you would tack onto your national budget if CN gave you the options. I'll probably have a think about it myself and reply soon too.


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too much effort join gpa xP

i think it would be a rock paper scissors system >_<

a > b

b > c

c > a

or u know bigger then that..5 7 w/e

then we would have a buncha pplz figure out formulas and the bst combos...

or set of combos and u would have fire teams based on said combos...

but yea gpa >_<


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Honestly if reflecting to rl it is impossible to say, it depends on the size of my country, type of terrain. For example in a large country filled with natural barriers it is worth it to get a large poorly armed militia trained in guerilla warfare. However for a small mostly flat nation I'd get a smaller elite force. Modern variants of the F-15 will be sufficient for most countries in real life, etc.

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Modern F-15 variants can get pretty pricey though, if you're on a budget then something along the lines of the MiG-35 and Su-30MKI are pretty good deals. The JAS-39 Gripen can be a good idea as well, it really depends on whether you would want to be reliant on the USA or Russia. Once you make that decision everything else begins to fall in line as you will want STANAG equipment.

You can get out of the USA vs Russia dichotomy in some places. China and India are working heavily on indigenous armed forces, Most major NATO nations, SK, Japan, Israel, are pretty well setup indigenously as well. Even they use a large amount of Russian or American munitions though.

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I think I'd be putting my money mainly into practicle and likely to be used arms of the military. A fell funded strong marine force I think would be my first priority. Keep them mobile and able to be deployed rapidly and in force.

Probably pick up at least two Wasp Class Landing Helicoptor Docks as cheep alternatives to full scale aircraft carriers. Would need some frigates as escorts.


Then fit them with some cheep second hand harriers while I order and wait for the F-35 VSTOL to come off the production line in a few years. Combine them with some seahawks for ASW, Apache's for anti-armor and escort and Blackhawks/Chinooks for troop movement and utility.

I'd then fund a massive army reserve program. Something of huge scale that provides basic training to a huge number of fighting age citizens, rewards them upfront but comits them to service if a full intensity war was to break out. They would serve most likely as like a national guard and assist too in national emergencies. Trained in Guerilla Warfare with local command units able to act as independent and self lead units if chain of command was to breakdown. Overall should act as a deterant to hostile neighboring countries so that they knew any invasion would quickly evolve into a massive insergency fast.

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Considering my country wouldn't be a superpower:

Air-Force: F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet (Being part of International Road Map upgrades) | Gripen E/F (They use the same engine of SH) | A few F-35 Lightning II to be user as silver bullet. | M-346 Master as trainer | EMB-314 Super Tucano for COIN

Navy: KD-III Destroyer with Seahawk | FREMM frigates | Hyuga-class Aircraft carrier with some F-35B | HDW Type 212 Submarines with AIP

Army: AH-64E Apache | Leopard 2A7+ MBT

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D34th the SuperHornets are actually great multi-role aircraft so I'd have to say good choice. Air Superiority, Ground Attack, Air to Air refuling, Recon, and Electronic Warfare (via growler upgrade) are all decent and aparently they are pretty stealthy compared to the other 4th gen fighters.

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