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A Sleigh Bells Funny




Who can relate? :P

Sing to the tune of "Sleigh Bells Ring/Winter Wonderland":

(Verse 1)

Sleigh bells ring? It’s tinnitus

What's that pain? My arthritis.

We're both growing old - You're grey-haired, I'm bald – Using walkers in the winter once again.

(Verse 2)

When we try watching TV:

"Turn it up! Can't you hear me?"

We don't like the shows, but that's how it goes, We feel about a century too old.


In the kitchen: "What did I come here for?"

Guess I'll go ahead and make a snack.

"Have you seen my glasses?" "Shut the fridge door!"

"If you use my dentures, could you give them back?"

(Verse 3)

Early on, we retire,

Eating prunes by the fire.

We've had a great life;

We're husband and wife.

"Tell me what your name is once again?"

Copyright 2011 Bill DiGennaro. Permission is granted to send this to others, with attribution, but not for commercial purposes.


I was so tired this morning, I entered my password in the microwave.




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