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The End of a Nation(This time for real)




Look, i love it on CN. Honestly. But i look at what i have done here and have decided to leave the game. Many of my ideas were infact accepted, yet never implemented because people never saw me as the true visionary i truly was. Many of my ideas where called "Communist" one day and the next they where called "Fascist" despite being the same idea.

But there where good times, such as founding the still existing International Armed Forces Group, which ericcarlson, you will get a bigtime parting gift so watch your Foriegn Aid.

And as i made my final move just minutes ago, i succesfully came to an Agreement to merge the Social Democratic Union with the Global Protection Force. Yes it did happen and i told you it would. You should see a announcement fromt he GPF soon.

But the best expierence was by far debating the stupid, communistic idiots of the boiler room. Don`t take offence to that, without communists we...... Well i don`t have a line there so SHABLOOGA!

I have messaged all my members about me leaving. I have no plans to reroll but may consider it in a few months. I will remain a nation for the rest of the day until tommorow.

Goodbye Cybernations, your ways will always be with me.

I am awesome. CORRECTION: Was



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Chillax, leave the political scene for a moment and just build your nation and alliance quietly. You're obviously active enough to organize mass alliance wide tech deals and there are alot of buyers these days.

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Wait don't leave, I could use someone like you. PM me, we will discuss some things.

I like that idea you sent me. If you can figure out who i am If i reroll, i would be more then happy to join.

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Well i don`t plan to reroll for a few months so you will probably forget about me.

Wait, so actually you're not really quitting. Thanks for the grand entertainment over the last couple months, it's been a laugh reading your utterly ridiculous topics. :P

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Well i don`t plan to reroll for a few months so you will probably forget about me.

Great idea. This time, learn how to build a nation and how politics in this game works. :) Goodluck man, peace accepted :)

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