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We Exist! For Now...... Wait why did i say that?




Charter of the Social Democratic Union

To unite and promote liberal socialism to enforce Democracy an to defend our friends and fellow liberal brothers to the last breath. We are brothers in arms.

Membership and Application

Anyone Not in War and Agrees and Follows the charter can join the SDU the recruiting union will then review your application. All Applicants Must state previous alliances and posts/jobs on their application. Your Application will be denied if you are on any other alliances ZI list.

Leadership and Government

The SDU is ruled by the alliance president and his Board of Secretaries. These consist of

•Head Of Foreign Affairs

•Head of Military and Defence

•Head of Internal Affairs

•Head of Education

All of these positions are voted for by nations of the alliance. Voting will happen for a maximum of 5 days, and of there is a tie then they must form a coalition

The Government is overseen by the emperor who can only be replaced by deletion or resignation. The Government is voted for every 3 months.

Council Nations are the second most important nations in government and with a appeal decisions made by the President if most are in agreement.

Public Behaviour

We do not speak aggressively or intimidate members of a another alliance. Do not be Racist or use offensive language on the public forums.

War and Military

Alliance Wars

We are a neutral alliance but if war breaks out then all Non-Military Nations must sign up for military and prepare for immediate orders. Leaving the Alliance at Defcon 1 will be considered as desertion and you will be ZIed and become an enemy of the SDU. When at war with an alliance do not attack targets on your own. Wait for orders to attack.

General War

Nations may attack, raid and throw other nations into anarchy if they have no alliance or are in an alliance of under 5 nations. If you declare war on any alliance affiliated nation or a nation in the SDU then the Military Police will Attack your nation and will ban you from all tech deals until you are ready to be released from rehabilitation.

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons are only allowed to be used if ordered to use them or in retaliation.


Do not use any methods to extract information from other alliances. If you are caught spying you will be ZIed

Yes people. We are In Existence and on our path to existence. I have Prepared a Speech for this great day.

You may thin that this alliance, one of 18 Nations, is just another alliance that will come and go, as many of it`s predessecor`s have. You may think that and i`m sure a lot of you do. Why wouldn`t you? Our Emperor, Our Lord, Is by any means a unproven leader. We don`t have a extremely large military nor do we have a great forum. If you think that, i`m about to change your mind. Let me start off by saying this, the SDU, a Alliance assembled and founded by Leftists, the Emporer himself a self proclaimed socialist, managed to get a Strongly conservative alliance to merge with it. Why? Well it wasn`t because of Tech Deals nor foriegn Aid. It was because we felt it was best. We didn`t bicker, we didn`t argue nor did we ask for much. We came toa aggrement the moment it was presented.

Then post merger, we became a centrist alliance, instead of focusing on Spreading Liberal ideas, we decided to spread ideas anyone can accept. Instead of focusing on Spreading Far Left Social ideas, (Our Charter Does need updating) we focused on spreading Tech Deals and nation growth. We signed a Protectorate with Hooliganz. We signed a Tech Treaty with the Phoenix Federation.

Our outlook is strong. We are looking at gaining a Second Protectorate. We are also attempting, witht hat same alliance, to aquire another Tech Treaty. We ahve a strong base, most of which are recruiting as we speek.

A New Beginning has Sprung for the SDU.A Era of Strenght, Growth and Prosperity has began. At the beginning of this alliance, all the members where united under the goal of spreading radical Socialist ideas. Now instead, there focus is simply growing there alliance. The Attention ahs Turned to growing our Military. We belive war is imminent at all times and wis to be prepared.

An Economic boom has also begun. Many of our nations are obtaining major tech deals that will one day lead to Greatness.

Now with this speech, the SDU officially opens to the Public. Many will refuse at first, not knowing what is coming. Others will join immediately, whether it be because of our past or our future. Please, Look over our alliance forums at socialdemocraticunion.webs.com . Once you see our Leaderships vision, you will see that our new ideas are ones that have never been attempted before. Our new and innovative approach is one that will be succesful.

So as I leave this speech, i ask you one simple question, DO you enjoy your alliance? Because if you don`t feel your a part of your alliances politics, come here. If you want to be active in the military, come here. We offer multiple positions, diplomatic and the like, to every member who joins.

So Join today!

Source: Social Democratic Union DoE and Charter



Recommended Comments

This can only go to bad places. Your charter is unworkable and your FA is not being run in a manner that even suggests sanity. You do not declare treaties in existence before they exist.

I'm saying this because the game needs new alliances. The game does not need trainwrecks burning to death. Your alliance needs to stop being so arrogant. There is no other way to put it.

You are arrogant enough to act as thought your assent is certain and unstoppable. It is not. Half a squadron of any of the sanctioned alliances could stop it right now.

You are arrogant enough to assume you are so great people will treaty with you and not care what you do. I think we just saw that was wrong.

Keep this up and I give your alliance 10 days. At most. With luck.

Please, for the love of trying to promote diversity and new alliances, get some humility, and listen.

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