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Bloc Affiliation of the Top 1000 Nations



The treaty between TOP and Umbrella - two traditionally top-heavy alliances - got me wondering about how much of the upper tiers they actually controlled. Apparently, I also had the same thought about six months ago, which is posted below for comparison.

The NS of the 1000th-ranked nations has actually come down since then, from 97.5k to 95.8k NS.

The top 3 alliances are very close to each other - GPA leads with 67, Umbrella is close behind with 65, and WTF is even closer behind with 64. Anarchy Inc. managed 4th place with 41 nations, and TOP grabs fifth place with 39 nations.

Pandora's Box has been disbanded since the last stats, though Doom House is right up top in their place. Separate slices now exist for NG and VE, who are both still quite high on the list. "The Goonies" is BFF's protectorate bloc, not GOONS (who is lumped in with DH). The Chestnut Accords are no longer included as part of SF - it's now split between SF and Aftermath depending on which other bloc its alliances are part of. R&R is included with XX instead of SF, while CCC is included with Aftermath instead of Arizona.




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