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From: Waking my inner Reaver (AKA, another blog from Nintenderek about Vox Populi)



It has only been suspended. Never forget that.

I think its been made clear that vox will only ever be an anti-NPO movement and cared more about hurting that alliance than freedom. I think every member was someone that came up against NPO in the old days and lost. I doubt you will have popular support next time because your message of fighting oppression is a lie. Your true message is we hate NPO.

Source: Waking my inner Reaver

So I was reading the CN forums today, and came across this quote and I wanted to address it. However, I felt the particular thread that it was in was not quite the place for it, and so here I am at 43 minutes after update, writing a blog about Vox Populi again. While I'm sure many people are just plain tired of the subject (after four years of it popping up at least once a month, I'm sure I would be too) I happened to be in Vox through out it's entire life time, and I'd like to think I might know something about it. Of course, if you are one of those people whom are tired of reading about Vox or seeing threads or blogs about it, you are more than welcome to click that little x at the top of the tab and exit out of this particular blog entry. It's your decision.

First off, Vox was not an Anti-NPO movement. In fact, this was made clear even in the introduction topic.


The first two alliances declared war upon were GGA and Valhalla. It's true, we declared war on "all others who seek to crush freedom, and those who force you to live in fear," which at the time in the context that Starfox was speaking in, would indeed include NPO. However, we didn't even actually start actual combat with the NPO until NPO made an announcement about how they were outlawing the rebels known as Vox Populi, or something along those lines. I was unable to find the actual announcement.

The second part was also quite untrue. Not every member of Vox Populi had fought against NPO and lost. Of our well known members, the best one to name would be Schattenmann, whom never faced down NPO until Vox Populi. Another prominent member, Chunky_Monkey was a former GOONS member, whom had also never been declared on by NPO. There were also several other members, most of which I don't remember by name that had never cared about NPO in any way. Many members of Vox Populi had different reasons for joining. Some did indeed do it for revenge against NPO, and many of them happen to be a part of alliances in the current hegemony Some people did it for their friends. Some people joined because they wanted vengeance against other alliances in the hegemony such as TPF, Valhalla or more popularly, GGA. Many joined because they were tired of being oppressed. Their ability to speak their mind was being forced away by them, and joining Vox Populi gave true political freedom. And then of course, some peopled joined just because they were bored. But what Vox wasn't, was full of NPO haters. You heard us speak mostly of NPO because they were the driving force behind the hegemony. They were what held it all together. It was only natural to speak of them the most.

As for the third part, I'll state it again, our goal was to fight oppression and there was no lie about that. If you don't believe me, you can read the membership's reasons themselves, word for word, with the reasons why they fought.

In conclusion, the topic of Vox Populi is starting to tire even me. It amazes me that still, to this day, 4 years later, that anyone would still try to debate our reasons for Vox Populi's existence. We had given you all of our reasons on a silver platter, yet you still debate them?

And I will re-emphasis what Starfox said. Vox Populi never truely disbanded, it only had a charter suspension. That charter can be re-enacted at any point. However, regardless of what many may think or say, now is not the time nor place, and anyone who thinks it is, or has been at any point in the last four years, does not truly understand what made Vox Populi so successful. Hopefully, this may be able to help open some eyes to that.


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After reading more I'm only convinced that you're massively out of touch.

It started in the title and cascaded into the post and general responses that followed.

We don't need your banner now, nor did we in the past.

The real battles aren't won on the sidelines.

I think you're discounting the impact that Vox had in the past far too much here. Without Vox, the tide likely never would have turned completely against NPO and co. in the past.

However, I agree with you fully that too many of the "Vox banner wo/men" are content to sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing to stop the injustice of the present, reveling in the glory of their past work and believing (incorrectly) that past accomplishments make their lengthy speeches and lack of real action now worth anything at all.

Vox was not just flowery speeches in the past, and if that is all they are willing to put forth now, they should put down the banner and stop pretending they have any real intentions to stop what is happening.

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After reading more I'm only convinced that you're massively out of touch.

It started in the title and cascaded into the post and general responses that followed.

We don't need your banner now, nor did we in the past.

The real battles aren't won on the sidelines.

Are you kidding me? You know nothing of CN political or the political game if you think that's true.

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